Flip The Switch – Amazing Loser Gino Brouwers

For most of us, identifying and eliminating the poor food choices we make is the first step to weight loss (except those mystifying couples on television shows like Channel 4’s Secret Eaters who are somehow oblivious to their own eating habits) but there’s certainly a case to be made for sticking with the foods you love […]

Lift Or Die: Amazing Loser Jeffery Russell

In our quest to find the world’s most amazing weight loss achievements, we often look to other social channels that are as valid, if not as awesome as our own. It was on one such visit that we encountered a fellow with the handle LiftOrDie22 whose utter transformation stopped us in our tracks even before we saw […]

Amazing Loser Andrew Naylor

Name: Andrew Naylor (find him on TALK here) Height: 6’3″ Job: Full time carer (of my wife) part time shop supervisor Age: 31 Location: Southport Highest weight: 248lbs (112kg) Lowest weight: 175lbs (79.4kg) Plan: 18:6 diet and calorie counting It’s a common story – the way you remember it, as a kid, you could pig out on ice cream and wolf down chips like a […]

The Seven Year Plateau – Amazing Loser Mark

Name: Mark (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 6’1″ (186cm) Job: Software developer/Student Age: 26 Location: Germany Highest weight: 273lbs (124kg) Lowest weight: 165lbs (75kg) Plan: First 40kg simply eating less, last 10kg, IIFYM (If it fits your macros) Plateaus can be massively demoralizing when it comes to weight loss, but as any Bavarian will attest, the key is to […]

Trim All Over – Amazing Loser Michael DeCota

Name: Michael DeCota (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 6’4″ (188cm) Job: Linux Systems Administrator Age: 26 Location: New Hampshire Highest weight: 420lbs (190kg) Lowest weight: 249lbs (112kg) Plan: Calorie Counting (Found out my Total Daily Energy Expenditure and then restricted based off that information) Being in shape isn’t all about physical health, but can have an equal impact on our […]

Sweet Nothings – Amazing Loser Tim Vickery Kicks Sugar

Name: Tim Vickery (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 6’3″ (188cm) Job: Marketing Director Age: 42 Location: London Highest weight: 322lbs (146kg) Lowest weight: 220lbs (99.8kg) For every complex, subscription-based, bells and whistles diet program out there, there’s a simple plan that asks you to simply cut one thing from your diet. Traditional enemies fat and carbs have enjoyed a more […]

Telling Obesity to Jog On – Amazing Loser Darren Abbots

Name: Darren Abbotts (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 6’2″ (188cm) Job: Security Age: 45 Location: Weston-super-Mare Highest weight: 393lbs (177kg) Lowest weight: 182lbs (82kg) Darren, many of us can point to outside influences and less than ideal circumstances as contributing factors to obesity – when thinking about what led you to your highest weight, where does the finger of […]

Give Up Alcohol And Get Healthy – Stuart’s Amazing Loser Story

Name: Stuart Elkington (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 5’11” (180cm) Job: Project Investment Manager and Co-founder of DryDrinker.com Age: 44 Location: London Highest weight: 238lbs (108kg) Lowest weight: 170 lbs (77 kg) Hi Stuart – you’re already a very popular Amazing Loser because you’ve given MAN v FAT readers 10% off at Dry Drinker (read more about that here) […]

Amazing Loser Geoff Beckett On How MAN v FAT Helped Him Beat Yo Yo Dieting

Name: Geoff Beckett (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 5’9″ (176 cm) Job: Flight instructor Age: 40 Location: Hamilton, New Zealand Highest weight:  242 lbs (110 kg) – June 2015 Lowest weight:  202 lbs (92 kg) – Nov 2015 We are so excited to bring you Geoff’s story as he’s an authentic MAN v FAT success story. As we […]

Celebrate International Diabetes Day With 120lb Amazing Loser Julian Porter

Name: Julian Porter (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 5’8″ (172 cm) Job: Photographer at www.julianporter.com Age: 53 Location: Southampton Highest weight:  260 lbs (118 kg) Lowest weight:  148 lbs (67 kg) So what did you know about diabetes before you got your diagnosis? I didn’t know a lot about it. I was the same as most people, I just […]