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What do people on Weight Watchers eat?

Curious about what people doing WW (or Weight Watchers) eat? It can be hard to know what exactly ‘points’ translates to and whether or not people doing WW live on salads and plain chicken breasts (spoiler: they don’t). We wanted to know what people were eating, so we trawled through Instagram and many Weight Watchers recipes to bring you a selection of some of the meals that people are eating

Low-calorie curries: 7 amazing ones to make this week

Everyone loves a curry – a trip to a curry house where you try new and exotic takes on old favourites, a takeaway from your local where your eyes are definitely bigger than your belly, or hell, even a jar of Patak’s chicken korma with shop-bought naans at home is a meal to be celebrated. But all that oil, fat and (depending on how delicate your palate is) cream comes

Healthy meal prep recipes: 7 amazing meals for making ahead

We’ve had quite the focus on meal prep recently, just because it’s honestly a really helpful thing you can do to help maximise your weight loss chances. But whenever I set aside some time to do it, I always seem to end up with the same old meals that all come from a pack of mince. Bolognese, chilli, lasagne – they’re the holy trinity of make-ahead meals. Why? Well, it’s┬áso

Beginner’s guide to meal prep

Meal prep: it’s the buzzword in the weight loss world right now and you might be wondering if you’re missing out on something. Should you be doing it too? What are the benefits of doing it? If you’re on Instagram and follow any weight loss or fitness-focused accounts, you’ve probably seen some amazing examples of meal prep – 30 days of meals, all laid out in neat boxes, each meal

Amazing vegan recipes to keep Veganuary going

Veganuary is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you need to hop off the vegan bandwagon just yet. Whether you’ve gone vegan for ethical reasons, health reasons or slightly more superficial weight loss-related reasons, it has never been easier to stick to a diet free from animal products. Supermarkets are launching vegan ranges, brands are offering vegan alternatives (including dairy-free Ben & Jerry’s!) and chefs are getting in on the