Out of the Shadows – Amazing Loser Neil Gambell

Here at Amazing Losers, we often try to answer the question of why that first step is the hardest to take. We’ve had a lot of different answers over the course of the series so far, but it really all boils down to the same thing: fear of failure. Whenever you set out to achieve […]

The Last (Belly) Laugh – Amazing Loser Josh Camson

Being the fat guy in your peer group often means you’re the entertainment, either because you’re the funny one, or because you’re the butt of the jokes – sometimes both. We’ve talked in the past about the negative effects some men feel when their weight loss disrupts the dynamic of the group. It can also […]

Paleo To The Corps – Amazing Loser E.J. Hunyadi

Not all we men who struggle with our weight are raised with sloppy discipline or bad habits – in fact, it’s often the guys in peak condition, who train hard and eat, er, harder, for whom the sudden cessation of exercise can have a massive impact. We’re all used to hearing men (particularly in ’90s […]