The ultimate MAN v FAT guide to Christmas 2018

Christmas can be a tricky bugger to navigate if you’re trying to lose weight. We’re not really talking about Christmas Day itself here, because surely if there’s one day you can sod the diet it’s Christmas Day (and Boxing Day, buried under Quality Street wrappers), but it’s everything else that can make this time of year […]

How many calories in Christmas coffees from Caffe Nero and Pret?

We’re getting well into the swing of Christmas food and drink now as the major coffee chains continue to launch their festive menus. Glossing over the fact that it’s only the first week of November, we’re in for a treat this year with newbies including creme brûlée lattes, a millionaire’s latte plus more gingerbread-flavoured drinks […]

Mini McFlurry excitement | MAN v FAT Newsround 29/6/2018

Hot heads, hot weather, running, sleeping and the new mini McFlurry. Hmm, I know which ones I prefer. Take a read and tell us what you think. Mini McFlurry excitement and more… From the MAN v FAT Football leagues A very big well done to coach Roger and MVFFer Joe who took time out of this […]

McDonald’s Healthy Swaps: The MAN v FAT Swap Shop

You’ve gone out with the lads/the other half/the kids (delete as appropriate) and your belly is rumbling louder than a jumbo jet on take-off. You’re walking down the high street and their attention has been grabbed by a brightly coloured fast-food restaurant sign and their eyes widen at the thought of a burger. Surely you can’t […]

The ultimate guide to festive drinks 2017 – part 2

Last week we brought you the first part of our ultimate guide to this year’s festive drink offerings, featuring all the new Christmassy offerings from Starbucks, Costa and Caffe Nero. There was a lot of gingerbread, many different types of hot chocolate and a hell of a lot of sugar, which shocked some of our forum […]