MAN v FAT webinar: food addiction with Justin Marsh

This month’s MAN v FAT webinar is all about food addiction and how it relates to your weight loss efforts. We spoke to qualified counsellor and relationship therapist Justin Marsh, who specialises in, among other things, addiction and weight loss. Many thanks to Justin for taking part – it was a very interesting discussion. Thanks […]

MAN v FAT webinar: catch up now

In case you missed us live on YouTube with our very first MAN v FAT webinar, the video is now available for you to catch up on. Despite some tech hiccups, we really enjoyed talking to MVF’s resident nutritionist and MAN v FAT Football coach Tom Irving – he really does know masses about food, […]

The first MAN v FAT Webinar with dietician Tom Irving

MAN v FAT webinar - Tom Irving

We’re delighted to announce our very first series of MAN v FAT webinars, which will see us chatting to weight loss experts about everything to do with losing weight. They’ll be held live on YouTube and you’ll be able to ask questions to be answered during the webinar by our guests. We’ve got some really […]