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Where Else Can You Discuss Being Fat During The Apocalypse?

There are two parts to MAN v FAT: content and community. Content is exactly the sort of high quality journalism you’re reading at this very second. The community is to be found right over here – www.talk.manvfat.com. Talk is the sort of place where you can get advice about a diet question you don’t understand, laugh at someone getting locked outside of a swimming pool on a busy road in Manchester or

Weight Loss Diaries Update: Jason

So, the mag is being redesigned as we speak (or, rather as I type), which means that it could potentially be another month or so before you hear from our Weight Loss Diarists. We couldn’t have that so we’ve asked them to blog their latest updates. First up: Jason. Don’t forget to comment underneath the post… *********** AGE: 29 HEIGHT: 6’3” (190.5 CM) DIET: FOUR HOUR BODY LOCATION: SOUTH EAST ASIA HEAVIEST WEIGHT: 360 LB