10 years later – Amazing Loser Gary Williams

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? How do you picture yourself looking, will you have maintained your weight loss or will you have gone back to your bad habits? People who have lost weight often say that the most difficult part is keeping the weight off. Suddenly, your focus switches and it’s […]

Brighter Life: Amazing Loser Russel

win twochubbycubs

Here at MAN v FAT, we’re happy to support anything that leads to healthy weight loss. We get a lot of emails from people wishing to push their magic pills, wraps and shakes on the site – you know the type, the things that will DEFINITELY help you lose a million pounds a week. We […]

Amazing Loser – Rob Gillett

Name: Rob Gillett (you can find Rob’s MAN v FAT profile hereĀ or find him on Twitter here.) Height: 5’4″ (1.63cm) Age: 28 Job: Youth worker, training to be a gym instructor. Heaviest weight: 582 lbs (264 kg) Current weight: 173 lbs (78 kg) Rob, a lot of our readers might think they recognise you from […]