Celebrating the delights of a good sandwich

The end of May saw Britain celebrate one of the country’s favourite grab-n-go’s – the trusty sandwich! There’s a very small window of things better than tucking into a stack loaded with meat, salad and perfectly proportioned sauce. (Except maybe watching your team win the cup – I mean that’s pretty special too.) Let’s face […]

Greggs Healthy Swaps: The MAN v FAT Swap Shop

There is only one thing that can unite the country more than a pandemic. And that is Greggs. I for one, am not entirely sure how we have all been coping without our (usually) pastry-based treats. It seems to be a fact that in tough times, we turn to carbohydrates and well, times have been […]

What do people on Weight Watchers eat?

Curious about what people doing WW (or Weight Watchers) eat? It can be hard to know what exactly ‘points’ translates to and whether or not people doing WW live on salads and plain chicken breasts (spoiler: they don’t). We wanted to know what people were eating, so we trawled through Instagram and many Weight Watchers […]

Recipe: Pigs in blankets mac n cheese

When the coffee shop Christmas menus were first announced back at the start of November, there was one offering that stood out. Costa is doing a mac n cheese with pigs n blankets, and my first thought was YES. The calories aren’t so bad, clocking in at 632 cals for a box of cheesy, bacon-y […]

Beginner’s guide to meal prep

Meal prep: it’s the buzzword in the weight loss world right now and you might be wondering if you’re missing out on something. Should you be doing it too? What are the benefits of doing it? If you’re on Instagram and follow any weight loss or fitness-focused accounts, you’ve probably seen some amazing examples of […]

How to win at meal prep

Despite our best intentions, sometimes we’re just too damn lazy to get busy in the kitchen. When we’ve had a long, stressful day at work and had a frustratingly long commute home, it’s too tempting to fire up Just Eat and have someone else do the cooking. What we need is healthy food, ready to […]

8 weight loss Instagram accounts you need to follow

Weight loss Instagram accounts are the latest social media trend – posting pictures of your food helps to keep you mindful of what you’re eating and you’re likely to find a strong community of fellow dieters to keep you accountable while you’re at it. So while it’s become a bit of a cliché to snap […]