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Beginner’s guide to meal prep

Meal prep: it’s the buzzword in the weight loss world right now and you might be wondering if you’re missing out on something. Should you be doing it too? What are the benefits of doing it? If you’re on Instagram and follow any weight loss or fitness-focused accounts, you’ve probably seen some amazing examples of meal prep – 30 days of meals, all laid out in neat boxes, each meal

The Ten Commandments Of Dieting Preparation

As the great bard once said: “Sunday, Monday: Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday: Happy Days. Thursday, Friday: Happy Days. The weekend comes, my cycle hums – ready to race to you.” Wise words indeed, but absolutely no help whatsoever if you’re looking for advice about dieting. For that we really need to focus on the weekend – that glorious two day stretch of time when many of us are free from the responsibilities of work.

Prepare To Diet – What To Do Before January 1st

December is a tough time for those of us in the weight loss biz. We know you’re all out there eating and drinking your way up to Christmas and that when that’s done there’ll be a rush for help on January 1st. Imagine Black Friday multiplied by the Battle of Balin’s Tomb and you’ll have a good idea of what it’s like for us. This post is for anyone who knows they will definitely