Why is breakfast important?

breakfast important

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Whether it’s a full English, a bowl of cereal or pancakes piled high, how you break your fast sets you up for the day. But if you’re not a breakfast person, will your weight loss stall if you can’t face a bowl of Kellogg’s finest […]

Recipe: Sausage and egg muffins

So this might not be the sausage and egg muffin you were expecting, but if you’re craving the flavour of your favourite golden arches breakfast this will give you it for a fraction of the calories. These muffins can be eaten hot or cold, and are great for batch cooking. Make a big batch and […]

Weight loss smoothies: 7 amazing recipes to kickstart January

If like us you’re recovering from festive indulgence and feel like you never want to see another mince pie for as long as you live, your body is probably crying out for some goodness. When it comes to weight loss, smoothies are a good shout as an easy way to get some much-needed fruit and […]