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MAN v FAT Football Launches in January – Join Us!

It’s a very familiar story. You used to play a lot of sports and your weight was under control. Then you hit that age where things start getting a bit busier, kids come along or you pick up an injury and suddenly you don’t make the weekly games. The weight creeps on and without any warning whatsoever you’ve suddenly got a massive gut.  If you’ve thought about getting back into

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

At MAN v FAT we work with tens of thousands of men who know that something is not right. They often feel sad or angry about their body. They’re worried that their weight is already causing them health issues or will do in the future. We have dads who just want to be healthy for their kids and not to be the fat dad in the playground. We have guys who know

Win A Weight Loss Boot Camp For Two With Xtreme Worth Over £1,200

Get excited: we have not one, but two, places up for grabs on the amazing Xtreme Boot Camps, the toughest and most effective fitness boot camp in the UK. Anyone who has been following #ProjectGarry (and if not, you can see it all here and here) will know that boot camps are really effective and Xtreme Boot Camps are among the best in the world. They promise that if you give them a week of real effort

Win an Incredible Xtreme Residential Boot Camp Worth £699

Xtreme Boot Camps are among the best in the world. They provide you with a base fitness level and set you up for making exercise an enjoyable part of your new life. We have a one week prize on the Residential Boot Camp at Kingham Hill on 16-23rd August in the Cotswolds. You’ll be trained by military instructors but enjoy delicious meals and stay in luxury at the grand Kingham