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A never-give-up attitude: Amazing Loser Dean Bax

It’s hard to control your eating when you work nights (when you come home from work at 6am, is it time for dinner or breakfast?!) but the key is to get into a proper routine and never give up. This week’s Amazing Loser Dean has a fantastic attitude to his weight loss – knowing that he had to change his lifestyle, he fully committed to it, never giving up, and

Amazing Loser Matthew Maksimovic

Broken inside and out, the road to a healthy weight wasn’t always going to be easy for this week’s Amazing Loser Matthew, a MAN v FAT footballer from Cardiff. He made it though, and this is how he did it… Name: Matthew Maksimovic  Age: 35 Height: 5ft 8 Location: Cardiff Occupation: Mental health worker (and MAN v FAT Football Cardiff player marketer) Highest weight: 214lbs (15st 4lbs / 97.3kg) Lowest weight: 170lbs (12st

Dan v Fat – Amazing Loser Dan Church

This week’s Amazing Loser Dan has built up many different support networks, both in real life and on Instagram, and this has been a big part of why he’s been so successful at losing weight. We’re all guilty of bottling things up or not wanting to bother people with our problems, but as Dan shows, it can really pay off to reach out… Name: Dan Church (follow his brilliant Instagram here)

“I had to get out of my vicious cycle” – Amazing Loser Tom Almond

A combination of things sent this week’s Amazing Loser Tom spiralling into a vicious cycle of feeling unhappy and comfort eating. After a nasty car accident, he turned towards food and away from the healthy habits he’d been trying to build, resulting in him reaching his highest weight of 23 stone and finding that he didn’t want to live. That is until a chance comment by a friend changed everything…

Getting a grip – Amazing Loser Craig Davis

The loss of family members is a cruel and extremely difficult thing to overcome and you’d be forgiven for spiralling out of control. After a tough couple of years, this week’s Amazing Loser Craig vowed to get healthier for the sake of his kids.  Name: Craig Davis Age: 36 Height: 6ft Location: Nottingham Occupation: Taxi driver Highest weight: 266lbs (19st 0.8lbs / 121kg) Lowest weight: 202lbs (14st 6.8lbs / 92kg) Weight