Amazing Loser Andrew Naylor

Name: Andrew Naylor (find him on TALK here) Height: 6’3″ Job: Full time carer (of my wife) part time shop supervisor Age: 31 Location: Southport Highest weight: 248lbs (112kg) Lowest weight: 175lbs (79.4kg) Plan: 18:6 diet and calorie counting It’s a common story – the way you remember it, as a kid, you could pig out on ice cream and wolf down chips like a […]

Amazing Loser – Nathan Hewitt

Age 24 Height: 5’ 11“ (180.3 CM) Heaviest weight 308 LB (139 KG) Current weight 175 LB (79 KG) Job: Weight loss coach – owner of Your issues with weight go back to your teen years, did you put on weight early then? Definitely, I was 15 years old and I weighed 22 stone. I […]

Amazing Loser – Vince Millett

Name: Vince Millett Age: 53 Height – 5’10” (177 cm) Runs Broken Drum Records Heaviest weight: 17 stones 3 lbs (109.3kg) Target weight: 11 stones 7 lbs (73kg) Many years ago I was on holiday with friends in Jordan and we were walking up a mountain in Petra, the famous city carved in the rocks […]

Amazing Loser – Dave Beevers

Age: 58 Lives: Bolton Job: Journalist Height: 6ft 3in Highest weight: 153kg Lowest weight: 98kg   Your weight loss journey started in tragic circumstances, what happened? My motivation for turning things around was the death of my wife Diane, who I lost to breast cancer in February 2013. I was consumed by grief and fear […]