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Amazing Losers Head to Head – The Two Gallons

When Man V Fat Football legends – and brothers – Ben and Andy Gallon both agreed to share their weight loss stories with us, we knew we had to do something a bit special, which is why we’re presenting to you our first head to head, two for the price of one, no-holds-barred Man V Fat Amazing Loser V Amazing Loser! Name: Andy Gallon (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 6’1″ (185

Amazing Loser Andrew Naylor

Name: Andrew Naylor (find him on TALK here) Height: 6’3″ Job: Full time carer (of my wife) part time shop supervisor Age: 31 Location: Southport Highest weight: 248lbs (112kg) Lowest weight: 175lbs (79.4kg) Plan: 18:6 diet and calorie counting It’s a common story – the way you remember it, as a kid, you could pig out on ice cream and wolf down chips like a gannet (just a few of the animal idioms your mum used to describe your eating

Forget Cheat Day and Get Lucky – Conrad’s Amazing Loser Journey

Name: Conrad Tayeri (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 6’0″ (182cm) Job: Real Estate Agent/Financial Admin Age: 24 Location: Portland, Oregon, USA Highest weight: 380lbs (172kg) Lowest weight: 216lbs (97kg) We must thank Conrad for his patience, as MAN v FAT has been sitting on his story for so long now that some of the above information is almost certainly out of date. For example, when last we spoke, he informed us of his intention to

Amazing Loser – Brian MacFarlane

Age: 44 Heaviest weight – 205lb (93 kg) Current weight or lowest weight – 147 lb (66.7 kg) Height – 5’9” (175cm) Job – Works for British Airways Engineering Tell us about why you decided to make a change and lose weight.  We’d come back from a holiday and my eldest son had thought he’d put a bit of weight on over the holiday, and when we came home he

Amazing Loser – Chris Oliver

Ask Chris anything on MAN v FAT Talk (@cwoliver) – the thread is here! Age: 54 Height – 5’10” (177 cm) Consultant trauma orthopaedic and hand surgeon in Edinburgh Heaviest weight: 377 lbs (171 kg) Lowest weight: 210 lbs (95 kg) Like many men Chris Oliver found that his weight gain was directly connected to his work. In our first ever YouTube #amazingloser we speak to Chris about the surgery that saved his life, cycling across