The MAN v FAT Weight Loss Diaries: A Mixed First Week

As 2023 gets properly underway, we’re following three MAN v FAT readers to look at how their weight loss is going and to give you a warts and all view of the sort of problems that crop up for normal dieters. Cory Hickton I’m not a fan of the first few weeks of the new […]

What Did Our Amazing Losers Teach Us In 2022

As we reach the end of 2022, it’s a good time to take stock and figure out what, if anything, we actually learned. In the wider world we experienced a number of unwelcome surges whether they were from the cost of heating a home, to the beast of inflation. But what did we learn in […]

Amazing Losers Head to Head – The Two Gallons

When Man V Fat Football legends – and brothers – Ben and Andy Gallon both agreed to share their weight loss stories with us, we knew we had to do something a bit special, which is why we’re presenting to you our first head to head, two for the price of one, no-holds-barred Man V […]

Amazing Loser Andrew Naylor

Name: Andrew Naylor (find him on TALK here) Height: 6’3″ Job: Full time carer (of my wife) part time shop supervisor Age: 31 Location: Southport Highest weight: 248lbs (112kg) Lowest weight: 175lbs (79.4kg) Plan: 18:6 diet and calorie counting It’s a common story – the way you remember it, as a kid, you could pig out on ice cream and wolf down chips like a […]

Forget Cheat Day and Get Lucky – Conrad’s Amazing Loser Journey

Name: Conrad Tayeri (ask him anything on Talk) Height: 6’0″ (182cm) Job: Real Estate Agent/Financial Admin Age: 24 Location: Portland, Oregon, USA Highest weight: 380lbs (172kg) Lowest weight: 216lbs (97kg) We must thank Conrad for his patience, as MAN v FAT has been sitting on his story for so long now that some of the above information is almost certainly out […]

Amazing Loser – Brian MacFarlane

Age: 44 Heaviest weight – 205lb (93 kg) Current weight or lowest weight – 147 lb (66.7 kg) Height – 5’9” (175cm) Job – Works for British Airways Engineering Tell us about why you decided to make a change and lose weight.  We’d come back from a holiday and my eldest son had thought he’d […]

Amazing Loser – Chris Oliver

Ask Chris anything on MAN v FAT Talk (@cwoliver) – the thread is here! Age: 54 Height – 5’10” (177 cm) Consultant trauma orthopaedic and hand surgeon in Edinburgh Heaviest weight: 377 lbs (171 kg) Lowest weight: 210 lbs (95 kg) Like many men Chris Oliver found that his weight gain was directly connected to his work. In our first ever […]