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Last chance saloon – Amazing Loser Martin Whelan

It’s so easy to normalise being overweight when you’re so used to it. Aching knees, getting out of breath when going up the stairs, not being able to find clothes that fit? It’s just one of those things, right? This week’s Amazing Loser Martin realised that actually, he was really struggling when he was 94lbs heavier.  Name: Martin Whelan Age: 36 Height: 5’9 Location: Cambridgeshire Occupation: Corporate governance manager for a large

No-nonsense: Amazing Loser Ian Gilbert

We like this week’s Amazing Loser’s approach to weight loss – no fads, no gimmicks, just a dedication to the cause. He’s tried hard to make it more of a lifestyle change than a diet and it’s definitely paying off, with huge improvements to his health… Name: Ian Gilbert Age:  43 Height: 185cm (6ft 1) Location: Weston-super-Mare Occupation: Business stream manager Highest weight: 133.4kg (21st / 294lbs) Lowest weight: 90.7kg (14st

The power of saying no: Amazing Loser Josh Deegan

One thing we love from running our MAN v FAT Football leagues is seeing the inspiring progress made by players – even if you have absolutely no intention of ever setting foot on a football pitch, you could learn a thing or two from these guys. This week’s Amazing Loser has lost over 8 stone in ONE year after being overweight all his life and he has some very good

Don’t Stop Movin’: Amazing Loser Dave Oh

When you’re overweight, being active can feel like the very last thing you want to do. Being sedentary is so much more appealing when you’re out of breath and red-faced even climbing the stairs. But when you’re bitten by the exercise bug, suddenly getting active is a joyous thing, as this week’s Amazing Loser found out when he joined MAN v FAT Football. Considering he used to be 82lbs heavier,

Olympic Heavyweight: Amazing Loser Alex McCann

There’s nothing quite like a special event to make you realise, perhaps a little too late, that it’s time to shape up. We’re pretty vain beings, and no one wants their fat to be immortalised in pictures forever. This is exactly what happened to this week’s Amazing Loser, who should have been riding high after being nominated to be an Olympic torchbearer during the 2012 Olympics, but who was instead