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How to survive Dry January

January is a return to normality and for most of us, an acknowledgement that we have overindulged and need to rein it in. Nowhere is that more apparent than in what we eat and drink – a recent survey revealed that the majority of Brits set new year’s resolutions and the majority of those relate to eating better, exercising more (to make up for what we ate in December, presumably) and cutting

Five of the best low-calorie alcohol-free beers

If you love a pint, you’re not alone, but it’s no secret that alcohol is high in calories – and that’s before you even get to the fry up that makes your hangover more bearable. There has been a massive increase in low-alcohol beer on the market in recent years, but did you know that low-alcohol doesn’t necessarily mean low-calorie? We asked Tom from Steady Drinker, who specialises in looking

WIN! A case of St Peter’s Without zero-alcohol beer

WIN a case of St Peter’s Without! We’ve teamed up with award-winning St Peter’s micro-brewery to give three lucky people a mixed case of St Peter’s Without – their zero alcohol beer which is perfect for anyone looking to cut back. Earlier this week we talked about how alcohol can affect your weight loss and so when St Peter’s got in touch to see if we’d like to run a

How to cut out alcohol for a weight loss boost

Ever considered if you should cut out alcohol? We all love a pint every now and then, but drinking too much can have a devastating impact on your health, including your weight. Did you know that just one pint of cider has the same calories as a McDonald’s sugar ring doughnut? As it’s so easy to down several pints in one sitting, the calories start stacking up very quickly. So

Cigarettes & Alcohol – Amazing Loser Daniel Prodrick

Sometimes knocking the junk food on the head just isn’t enough – any successful long-term weight loss journey is founded on a total lifestyle change, and for a lot of men, that also means giving up two of your dad’s/Liam Gallagher’s favourite vices: cigarettes and alcohol. Aside from the more publicised negative (and fatal) health effects of sweet, brown liquor and lovely fags, they also contain lots of empty calories