See you down the pub – #MVFNewsround 17/5

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Footie crisps, running the world and returning to the pub. It's the MAN v FAT Newsround!

This week there’s just one question on everybody’s lips: pub? Pub.

News from MAN v FAT

Another week, another round of MAN v FAT Football launches. This week we’re saying hello to new leagues in Edinburgh, Bristol, Twickenham and Bath. And it’s not too late to join if any of them take your fancy, so dust off those football boots and come and join us on the pitch.

We welcomed ITV to our MAN v FAT Football Newcastle league recently and you can see their report here, which includes some great chat with the players and the coach.

Back in lockdown we set players a challenge to run around the world. Not literally, of course (insert a witty joke about travel restrictions here) but virtually, taking on the challenge via GPS running and cycling tracking app Strava. Now 19 weeks later they’re almost there – look how close that yellow bar is to reaching the end! Amazing stuff. 

Walsall FC played host to an 11 aside game between local MAN v FAT players on Saturday, and how good does the MAN v FAT Football crest look on the big screen at Banks’s Stadium?! Well done to everyone that took part.

We loved reading Tony’s article over on FC Not Alone’s blog. He’s off to a great start, so we’re looking forward to seeing how he gets on over the season.

In other news...

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that lockdown restrictions have been eased further from today, meaning you can now sit INSIDE a pub or coffee shop. So now’s the time to visit your local pub or your favourite restaurant or your local cafe to show your support because man it’s been a tough time for the hospitality industry. But if you’re a little hesitant about everything reopening, we get it. Check out How To Ease Post-Lockdown Anxiety for some tips on how to manage your worries.

Excellent image from Babylon Health

Video GP service Livi has found that a quarter of men have never checked themselves for signs of testicular cancer. Kinda worrying, since testicular cancer numbers are up 24% since the 90s. So get familiar with how your balls feel so you can notice when things change. It could literally save your life. 

The 5 most recognisable signs of testicular cancer 

– Lumps – 77% knew this was a sign 
– Enlargement of testicles – 58%
– Pain or discomfort in testicles – 46%
– Heaviness in scrotum – 34% 
– Difference in appearance between testicles – 33% 

Dr Rhianna McClymont, lead GP at Livi, has talked us through how to check.

– The best time to check is during, or after a warm bath or shower as this helps to relax the testicles and makes them easier for you to examine.

– Hold your testicle in your palm and gently examine each one with your thumb and forefinger. 

– You’re looking for any type of abnormality, or difference in feel. Your testicles should feel smooth and firm, but not hard. 

– Make sure you check yourself regularly and if you notice any lumps, or hardness in the testicles, get yourself checked by a medical professional as soon as possible. 

What we're eating

Walkers have launched a range of new flavours inspired by footie to celebrate the Champions League. Steak and ale pie-nalty and chicken tackle masala are two of the varieties which you should be able to find in supermarkets and smaller stores now. They’re around 128 cals per pack.


This is one of those things that probably shouldn’t work, but it really does – Butterkist’s sweet & salty Popcorners.  They’ve gone with the selling point of it containing 50% less fat than crisps, which is fine, but really the headline news here is that they’re sweet AND salty AND popcorny but also crisp-y?! My invitation to work on the marketing board of Butterkist must’ve got lost in the post.

Popcorners are available in sweet & salty and tangy sweet chilli (both 134 cals per 30g) flavours and are exclusive to Asda.


This is a feast fit for a king and a very well-deserved reward for Ben’s fantastic exercise efforts. Anyone else hungry now…?


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