Register for MAN v FAT Football for just £1 in January!

There’s something so symbolic about January, isn’t there? You can scoff at New Year’s resolutions all you want, but when it comes to making a change for the better it’s lovely to feel like you’ve got a proper clean slate. And generally, everyone feels the same and the shops are full of healthy products, healthy living is a big talking point and if you’re not drinking/snacking/eating meat in order to slim down a little, you’ve got a perfect excuse.

And obviously we’re in the business of healthy eating and healthy living with MAN v FAT Football, and to make things even easier for you, in January you can register for just ONE POUND!

Head to the MAN v FAT Football website here, find your closest league and enter the promo code POUNDREG to sign up for just £1. And let’s have a healthy January together!

Offer ends on the 31st Jan.

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