On the pitch, the ref is God | The MAN v FAT Newsround 24/11/2017

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Welcome to our weekly news roundup, where we’ll celebrate your progress, bring you news from the MAN v FAT football leagues plus keep you up to date with all the latest goings-on in the world of weight loss, fitness and food. 


It’s time to get the open top bus out and celebrate – MAN v FAT Football has its first bit of silverware (or glassware, depending on how pedantic you want to be), and it’s all down to the guys in the Leyton Orient league. They won Best Physical Activity & Health Project at the Waltham Forest Feel Good Sports Awards last week and it’s a great testament to all the hard work put in at the league. It’s also a symbol for the equally hard graft all the MVF coaches and players alike show week in week out, come rain or shine, up and down the country – it’s only a matter of time before the awards start flooding in.


  • If being involved in a university study is something on your bucket list (a long shot but you never know), then you no longer have to wait to cross that one off. Oxford Brookes University is investigating the roles different fats play in the increase/decrease in appetite, and they’re looking to bolster the evidence gained from previous studies to include those who are trying to lose weight.
    All participants who make it to the end of the study will be awarded a £30 Amazon voucher for their troubles. Interested? Get all the details here.




Standards on Japanese rail have slipped massively recently as a formal apology is issued after a train left twenty seconds earlier than timetabled. Yes, that’s twenty seconds – could you imagine this sort of accountability on Southern or Northern Rail? No? Me either.

According to the timetable commuters only needed to wait another four minutes for the next train heading northbound anyway. Japan, which is synonymous with efficiency on public transport, may be saving more than just peace of mind for their passengers, as it is no secret that commuting back and forth to work every day is a major contributor to stress, something we’ve all become too familiar with.

In fact, recent studies have shown commuters often experience a sense of loss of control caused through the unpredictability of public transport, even accrediting “boredom, social isolation, anger and frustration” to such stress-packed laborious journeys. As comical as it may seem, is the Japanese system of military like efficiency a utopian concept, or should we expect more from the ‘big buck’ transport companies we spend hundreds on each year?

Let us know how you find your daily commute to work in the comment section below. 


To use football as an excuse to kick a person out of temper isn’t cool in my book. It’s assault. So I’m asking nicely lads, take a leaf out of Man City’s book and play with their beautiful attitude. On the pitch, the ref is God. What the ref says right or wrong is the last word.” – @PaulJohnson (MVFF Coach) commenting on the importance of respecting referees, something we can all agree on.

Over to you – what would you like to see more of in our weekly news round-ups? More forum stories? More new products? Want some fascinating trivia, sure you do…Let us know what you want and as is tradition we’ll steal all the best ideas and pass them off as our own!


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