The surprising benefits of curry: The MAN v FAT Newsround 26th October

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Football and curry – the perfect combination, am I right?

From the MAN v FAT Football leagues

The surprising benefits of curry

Massive shout out to Strachan Football Foundation who have rather kindly donated shirts and shorts to MAN v FAT Football. SFF is a not for profit organisation priding themselves in providing the best education for 16 to 19-year-olds both on and off the pitch. With SFF students study BTEC educational programmes while also dominating on the pitch.

In other news…

The surprising benefits of curry

  • How’d you fancy MAN v FAT Football: PS4 edition? As some of you are definitely football fans, and I’d put money on some of you being gamers too, you might be aware that Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and FIFA 19 have been released.  The phenomenal success of these games has led me to not be so surprised by these next statistics…
    • Turns out 60% of Brits would rather play a footy video game than watch a match in a stadium, 57% of Brits surveyed follow a ‘second club’ solely based on having a good game whilst playing as them and 18% even admitted to changing their favourite player after being unimpressed in-game. And 54% of people think that professional FIFA tournaments should be considered a real sport. Ok guys.

The surprising benefits of curry

  • What do you crave during these cold evenings? For me? It’s a big fat curry, so obviously I was ecstatic to find out that it’s National Curry Week (not that I need an excuse!).
    Did you know that your curry has more benefits than just being yummy in your tummy? For example, research has shown that saffron can help with depression, sexual function and even help slow down cognitive decline – great if you love an expensive ingredient. Turmeric, as well as helping to beautiful colour our meal has the potential to help with arthritic pain, poor memory and inflammation. Check out what other spices have benefits (and which one can help with flatulence 😉) here and check out our roundup of the best low-cal curry recipes here

What we’re talking about on the MAN v FAT Forum

  • @martinwhite is new to MVFF and is wondering what happens at the end of a season? New teams? How long’s the break between seasons? General information and any tips for making the next season your best yet welcome!
  • Welcome to @Luke_Flywalker (what a username!). Luke has bravely shared his story and motivations for joining MVF and I hope we can all welcome him! Doesn’t look like he’ll be playing any MVFF matches anytime soon however as he’s Stateside but that doesn’t mean we can’t help support him MVF style!
  • Content Editor Emma has made a little boo-boo. After an online shop gone awry, she has ended up with a more-than-adequate amount of fresh ginger. In desperation, she has released a public appeal for ginger recipes.

What we’re reading and watching

The surprising benefits of curry

  • Think your treadmill workout is gruesome? 39-year-old Bjørn Tore Kronen Taranger has raised $12,000 by running on a treadmill for 24 hours. You read that correctly, 24 hours. Yet to be officially recognised by Guinness, Taranger also believes he has broken the record for the longest distance covered on a treadmill within 24 hours (162 miles!).
  • We keep hearing people banging on about functional fitness (basically, your body’s ability to perform whatever your tasks are). And now even the Army has taken note, switching up their iconic fitness test to one that’s a bit more reflective of the battlefield. The fitness test has served as a benchmark for many other organisations and individuals over the years so there may be more changes to come.
    • Some are critical; wondering whether the new tests would actually lower standards, especially as age and sex are no longer a factor. As the article says; “the enemy does not care what sex or how old a soldier is so neither should the army’s training programme.” Men’s Health’s Daniel Davies went to find out what the new test entails.

What we’re eating

The surprising benefits of curry

With Halloween very quickly approaching, it’s the season for (tricks and) treats. Co-Op has brought us their orange flavoured mini zombie cupcakes. They’re 118 calories each so fine for a treat but be careful as it’s scarily easy to eat more than one!

Quote of the week

“If you always do what you’ve done, you will always get what you’ve always got” – Ed Foreman.

Remember, you don’t get the arse you want by sitting on it – Keep working hard!



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