Momentous 500,000lbs landmark for MAN v FAT

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OMG, we've hit a whopping 500,000lbs lost by MAN v FAT Football members! Round of applause for all.

As Spring arrives in 2023, MAN v FAT players past and present can celebrate a new landmark, with the programme surpassing 500,000lbs lost since things got underway in 2016.

From those beginnings in Solihull, MAN v FAT has now helped men of all shapes and sizes improve their health and wellbeing – and the scales ticked over the 500,000lbs mark in March 2023.

That landmark was celebrated with an exclusive visit to the Natural History Museum, where three current MAN v FAT players were invited down to mark the momentous achievement.

Michael Boulton (Stoke), Mark Curson (Romford) and Richard Woodcroft (Milton Keynes) headed to the incredible London venue to have their pictures taken in front of the blue whale – MAN v FAT’s total weight loss now exceeds the weight of TWO blue whales!

There were also some great photos taken in the Hintze Hall in front of the blue whale skeleton, with Michael, Mark and Richard bringing along their weight loss medals and certificates.

Michael, who has shed an impressive 8 stone with the help of MAN v FAT explained: “As a ‘fat lad’ it was always harder to enjoy playing football. I would find myself playing against guys who were faster, more skilful and not to mention slimmer!

“At MAN v FAT, you’re matched up against blokes of similar size and ability, it doesn’t matter how big you are or how bad you think you are at footy, you fit in. Once you make the brave decision to sign up and go down to see what it’s like, you won’t look back.

“Once you get into the swing of diet and exercise you begin to implement exercise outside of football to not only improve your skills on the pitch but also to improve your weight loss. The mental gains come with losing weight.”

The power of community and peer to peer support has been crucial when it comes to guys losing weight on MAN v FAT and Mark – who has lost 4 stone – has made some great friends at the Romford club, which got started in 2022.

He said: “MAN v FAT has been a fantastic addition to my week. There is so much that makes it enjoyable, like getting back and playing with like-minded individuals on a weekly basis without being judged for your ability or fitness level.

“Joining MAN v FAT has definitely helped me change my lifestyle. I now have a much better relationship with food and I’m much more conscious of what I eat especially during the week allowing for treats at the weekend and not all the time. I have more self-confidence in the way I look and a lot more energy now I’m not carrying around so much excess weight.”

“Whether you want to meet new people, get back playing, or are struggling in your weight loss journey this is a great way to ensure you exercise at least once a week. It really helps focus your mind on diet for the good of your friends and teammates.”

And, just because you hit a healthy weight, you don’t have to depart the programme either, with the accountability of MAN v FAT keeping men on track with their wellbeing.

Richard is a case in point, having been in the Milton Keynes club since it first got started in the summer of 2017 and with an eight stone weight loss on the programme.

Looking back to where it all began, he said: ““I needed to change my life and joining MAN v FAT was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was fat and I was embarrassed, I wouldn’t go swimming or wear a simple t-shirt.

“Since losing my weight, I’ve been able to run more and and without having to catch my breath. I’m now even able to play 90 minutes for the MAN v FAT 11s team as well. Maintaining the weight loss was hard but you have to be strong minded and determined with a routine towards dieting.

“Maintaining the weight loss was hard but you have to be strong minded and determined with a routine towards dieting.”

The race to 1,000,000lbs lost now begins – we look forward to celebrating that landmark in years to come!


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