MAN v FAT webinar: food addiction with Justin Marsh

This month’s MAN v FAT webinar is all about food addiction and how it relates to your weight loss efforts. We spoke to qualified counsellor and relationship therapist Justin Marsh, who specialises in, among other things, addiction and weight loss. Many thanks to Justin for taking part – it was a very interesting discussion. Thanks too to those who messaged us with questions.

Watch the webinar below:

or click here if you can’t see the video.

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MAN v FAT editor, writer, Pepsi Max addict.

From the forum

  1. Avatar for emma1 emma1 says:

    I really enjoyed this chat and a lot of what Justin said really resonated with me so I hope it’s interesting for others too!

  2. I found this resonates with me quite a bit also - its very much about the mentality and the brain training like he says in changing how you relate to food. I find it very difficult to want to waste food as such and with today’s world it works out cheaper to buy in bulk however you need to ensure you are not then eating in bulk as the food is there.

    I am not too sure about using an elastic band to ping myself when I get cravings or using a lemon or chilli but hey who knows what works for some people! :joy:

    I do find however that the art of distraction is a key part and changing routine rather than sitting there pondering it as you are more likely to give in.

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