MAN v FAT Team Up With The BHF

Big news! We’ve pledged to raise £10,000 to help the BHF fund lifesaving research into heart and circulatory diseases. Find out why we’re super excited about this latest news.

Over the next 2 years we’ll be arranging a whole host of initiatives to reach our fundraising target. We’re kicking off the fundraising with some great community events this summer, and we’re excited to announce some of our members will also become lifesavers by learning CPR using the BHF’s online RevivR tool.

Why we need your help to help BHF
The money we raise will help the BHF fund vital research into heart and circulatory diseases like heart attacks, stroke and vascular dementia, and the risk factors that can cause them, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Since forming in 1961, the charity has funded research that has contributed to lifesaving breakthroughs such as heart transplants, pacemakers, portable defibrillators, and valve replacements.

Despite the huge progress made, heart and circulatory conditions are still the world’s biggest killers – and every 3 minutes in the UK, a family loses a loved one to a heart or circulatory disease.

Around 7.6 million people are living with these conditions in the UK. 

A word from Richard Crick, Head of MAN v FAT
We’re proud to support the British Heart Foundation and to know that the funds we raise will help the charity fund lifesaving research.

We’ve already raised plenty for the charity in recent years, and we’re delighted to cement this relationship over the next couple of years.

With heart and circulatory diseases killing 1 in 4 people in the UK, it’s inspiring to know that our fundraising could make a real impact for such an important cause. And, just as importantly, the knowledge that the British Heart Foundation can give to our community will also be invaluable to their wellbeing.

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A word from Ashley Wyatt, Fundraising Manager at BHF
We are honoured that MAN v FAT have chosen to support the British Heart Foundation and help fund the scientific breakthroughs of tomorrow. 

For more than 60 years, the British Heart Foundation has funded research that has turned ideas that once seemed like ‘science fiction’ into treatments and cures that save lives every day. But millions of people are still waiting for the next breakthrough. 

It is only thanks to the generous support of organisations like MAN v FAT that we can keep research going and discover the treatments and cures of the future. 

How can I help?
Keep an eye out for announcements from your Coach, on Facebook and WhatsApp and get involved when you can. We really appreciate your support!

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