MAN v FAT player’s book reaches Sunday Times Best Seller list!

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It’s fair to say that MAN v FAT members continue to wow us with their weight loss achievements and how they form strong communities within their clubs.

As the MAN v FAT programme continues to grow, it’s also becoming clear we have members with some real talent that also catches the eye.

That includes Tim Sadler, a member of our MAN v FAT Gloucester club, who not only has lost over 15% with the programme, but is also a skilled writer and illustrator!

Tim is one of the co-authors and the illustrator of the book “This Is Your Own Time You’re Wasting”, and he was understandably delighted to see his book reach the Sunday Times best seller list at the end of July.

We caught up with him to find out more.

1 – Tell us a little more about the book, how it came about and your involvement in it?
This is our second book and I illustrated and help to write it alongside two podcasting teacher brothers from Manchester Mr P (Lee Parkinson) and The Other Mr P (Adam Parkinson), otherwise known as Two Mr Ps in a Podcast. I am a primary school teacher as well.

It’s called This is Your Own Time You’re Wasting: Classroom Confessions, Calamities and Clangers. Basically, funny stories from the weird and wonderful world of primary schools.

We had a great response to the first book and was delighted that our second book has also reached the Sunday Times Bestseller List.

2 – What has been your background in illustration and books?
I’ve always loved to draw and all my teacher friends ask me to teach their art lessons because it’s my favourite subject. I started my @sadlerdoodles artist page a few years ago and a mutual friend introduced me to Mr P/Lee. Since then I have provided artwork for Lee, Adam and the podcast.

3 – How pleased have you been to see the book making its way into the best seller lists?
It’s a really tough market and understandably, people don’t have a great deal of disposable income in the current financial climate. To have sold enough books to reach Number 3 in the U.K. is a massive achievement.

Despite none of them being teachers, a remarkable number of my MAN v FAT brethren have bought physical copies and audiobooks.

4 – You mentioned that MAN v FAT has helped your wellbeing whilst writing the book. How has it helped make a difference?
For a number of years, I have struggled on and off with my mental health, suffering with bouts of anxiety and depression. It can be very seasonal and I always find it hard in January.

With a deadline in mid-April for the text and illustrations, there was a lot to get through and when you are not in a good place mentally, it makes it so much harder to get momentum. Combine that with teaching commitments, it’s a hard balance to strike.

I decided to finish playing 11 a side when I turned 40 (last September) but with a lack of regular exercise and staying home for a year and a half due to Covid lockdowns meant that I had put on enough weight to no longer feel comfortable with myself.

MAN v FAT has totally changed my life in a positive way and we finished the book in good time and it was released on the 21st of July this year.

5 – What was it that made you join MAN v FAT Football in the first place?
I saw that my friend Ryan had started his MAN v FAT journey on Facebook and lost a whopping 3 stone! Keen to start playing football again, I messaged him and within a week I had signed up for the Gloucester league.

So far, I have lost over 2.5 stone and feel so much better for it. It’s much easier to feel positive about your work life when you’re happier in your own skin and your confidence has returned.

6 – What do you most enjoy about MAN v FAT Football?
I think the best part of MAN v FAT is the camaraderie. I’ve met some awesome lads that have the same goals as I do. We want to keep active, have fun and feel better about ourselves. Whether players are on my team or not, we all support each other.

I’ve already built some brilliant relationships with the chaps and what’s amazing is how happy we are for each other’s weight loss successes. We all have bad weeks sometimes but everyone helps each other to get back on the horse if they need it.

7 – How else has MAN v FAT helped you?
What gives me huge pride is that I’ve started playing 11 a side football games again, ordered my Glevum XI kit and started playing alongside my Thursday opponents against established local teams.

I have captained the side in 3 of the 4 games I have played and loved every minute of it. I don’t consider myself to be the best player but I definitely make a positive contribution. I shout a lot, make plenty of tackles and give a lot of encouragement to by team mates. That’s probably the best I can do as a 5’7 centre back.

All I know is, I’m 2.5 stone lighter than when I started and feeling much better about myself in general!

You can purchase Tim’s book on Amazon – take a look!


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