MAN v FAT Newsround 8/9/2017

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Welcome to our weekly round-up of MAN v FAT news from the football leagues, the forums and beyond!


Another week, another story of an 11 v 11 game from the MAN v FAT Football leagues! This time it’s the Manchester league who have organised a friendly between themselves, something a lot of these lads possibly wouldn’t have ever imagined doing when starting out on their MAN V FAT journey. The two teams (handsome beasts all, pictured below), played out a rather one sided 10 – 3 match, with the black team coming out on top. The next step for the Manchester lads is putting together a full squad and challenging over MVFF leagues. This comes off the back of similar challenges from the Hull and Bridgwater leagues – did someone mention an 11 v 11 tournament? Now there’s an idea…

Derby haven’t even got their league up and running yet, but they’re still making the headlines (for the right reasons). A group of lads and Ben Gallon the leagues coach, whom have been organising regular friendly matches at a nearby 5-a-side centre in the run up to the leagues launch in the next couple of weeks, were featured by local news channel nottsTV, in a piece all about MAN V FAT Football. The online article, which you can see for yourself here, shed light on the format of MVFF leagues, their origins and the benefits of joining. It even included a brilliantly put together video of the lads in action and even some one-on-one interviews with the players themselves who spoke about what their ‘why’ was; the highlight of the clip however definitely came when one of the lads was asked why he got involved, with his reply being a short and sweet, “I need to lose these ‘moobs’ – enough said”. Well we all look forward to seeing not only how his quest to ‘lose the moobs’ goes, but also the league itself when it starts in the coming weeks.


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