MAN v FAT Newsround 7/7/2017

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Welcome to our new weekly news roundup, where we’ll celebrate your progress, bring you news from the MAN v FAT football leagues plus keep you up to date with all the latest goings-on in the world of weight loss, fitness and food. 


Pictures by the amazing Ryan Cole, aka

  • MAN v FAT Football Manchester’s 24-hour game in aid of the British Red Cross was a huge success, with over £3000 raised. The day-long match, which kicked off on July 1st and ended some 24 hours later on July 2nd, featured an array of MAN v FAT teams from across the country. Players from Bridgwater, Burnley and Yeovil made the long journey up to Manchester to show their support.

Pictures by the amazing Ryan Cole, aka

  • The turnout was fantastic according to player Jon Hargreaves, who was the brains behind the whole idea. He said: “We never struggled to have at least 10 people on the pitch at all times with at least 2-3 subs. So far we are at £3270 (at the time of writing) but we have a blind auction yet to finish and a few more donations due in. My aim now is to get to £3500.”
  • He added: “I played on and off throughout the whole 24 hours, clocking up around 15 or so hours. Another lad, Paul Burns was there for the duration and put in about 12-13 hours. The pair of us arrived together at 11am on the Saturday and left together at 2pm without any sleep between us. We had a fair few lads who put in monumental shifts of 3-4 hours at a time as well, which was impressive come 3am when it was a bit chilly.”

Pictures by the amazing Ryan Cole, aka

  • They’ve now raised 329% of their original goal of £1000 – you can help them raise even more by heading to the JustGiving page to donate.

  • There were over 1,000 goals scored (how many of those were own goals at 3am we couldn’t possibly say), check out this corker which was chosen totally at random and just so happens to be a goal scored by MAN v FAT founder Andrew Shanahan. We hear Sky Sports are after the rights to this video for inclusion in their Top 20 Goals of 2017 show.
  • Ex-Man United players Ben Thornley and Russell Beardsmore came down to the match to play in the final 90 mins, with Ben playing for OB City and Russell joining Fatboy Slims, who won the final match before the whistle was finally blown as the clock struck 12pm.
  • Huge thanks to Goals Manchester, who were incredible hosts, providing hospitality through the night. And of course, a massive thank you and congratulations to all the players who took part. In the words of Andy Gray: Take a bow son!


Mmm, chocolate…

  • In news we’ve all been waiting for, Greggs has FINALLY launched their very own diet. Yes, it includes sausage rolls and doughnuts but the Geordie bakers also want to point out that they’re more than just pasties and cream buns – they also have a large selection of ‘Balanced Choice’ low-calorie offerings, which (unsurprisingly) is what most of their diet plan is made up of. You can check out the Greggs Minimise Me plan here, and you can see how the only man in their Supersize Me-esque diet experiment got on here.
  • It’s World Chocolate Day today so we simply insist that you track down your nearest bar of Dairy Milk and have a sensible, calorie-controlled portion (obv). Cravings for chocolate can indicate a mineral deficiency, with nutritionist Emily Whitehead saying “Magnesium is an essential mineral and is required for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. So, try eating a good quality dark chocolate bar (preferably organic and above 70 per cent cocoa)”. There you go, now you’ve got an excuse.


  • Aloe aloe aloe, what’s all this then…ahem. If you’re into drinking leaf juice, Simplee Aloe Natural and Organic Aloe Vera Juice will be right up your alley. Boasting only 21 calories, 4g sugar and 0g fat in the entire 500ml bottle, this is also the only 100% natural aloe vera juice on the market (according to the manufacturers, anyway). There are plenty of supposed health benefits to drinking aloe vera juice (clearer skin, heartburn relief), although the jury’s still out on whether you could just drink a load of water and save yourself £9.99 (you heard, £9.99!). Get it from Ocado here.
  • If you’re anything like us you’re simply MELTING in this heat and having an ice cold ice lolly or ice cream is probably a medical necessity. We’re enjoying these dairy and gluten free chocolate dipped Snowconut Sticks from The Coconut Collaborative – they’re a solid vegan alternative to a Magnum and are 209 calories per stick. £3.50 for a pack of 3, available from Sainsbury’s.



Over to you – what would you like to see more of in our weekly news round-ups? More forum stories? More new products? Want some fascinating trivia, sure you do…Let us know what you want and as is tradition we’ll steal all the best ideas and pass them off as our own!


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