MAN v FAT Newsround 3/8/2017

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Welcome to our weekly news roundup, where we’ll celebrate your progress, bring you news from the MAN v FAT football leagues plus keep you up to date with all the latest goings-on in the world of weight loss, fitness and food. 


  • You might remember that not long ago we hit the massive milestone of 30 tons lost through MAN v FAT Football – our players have been busy smashing their weight loss goals and we’ve now hit a massive 40 TONS of weight lost since the first league started in 2016. A huge well done to all players who have changed their lives and contributed to this amazing achievement. 40 tons is the equivalent of 15 giraffes! 
  • The 54-mile London to Brighton Bike Ride will next year have some new participants from MAN v FAT Football. MAN v FAT Football Colchester coach Christa will be taking part along with some of the players. The race is on!
  • Quit51 visited the Smethwick league on Monday. Quit51, which supports people giving up smoking, spoke to players about the health benefits of giving up. A lot of people fear that they’ll gain weight when they quit smoking: this is a good article about how you can avoid doing so

  • A big shoutout to Scott Southwell, who is captain of the Three Lion Bars at the North Solihull league. He completed the  Alpe D’Huez triathlon last Friday in France. What a fantastic achievement!
  • Speaking of North Solihull, the players got their 15 minutes of fame this week when they were featured on ITV. Cameras were in attendance at the games and the star of the show was Mark Durose, MAN v FAT Football coach. “The players are losing 5-10-15% of their body weight over a 14-week season, which have massive health benefits long term. And players are doing activities outside of the league which they thought they would never achieve.”
    You can read the full story here on ITV Central and watch Mark’s star turn! 


  • Kimchi has finally hit British shelves! The Korean classic, made from spicy fermented cabbage, is said to be one of the world’s healthiest foods: it’s rich in vitamins A and C and is high in healthy-gut bacteria. It’s so popular in Korea that Koreans say ‘kimchi!’ instead of ‘cheese!’ when taking photos (that’s our fact of the day). Kimchi has next to no fat and only 23 calories per 100g, so it’s a perfect accompaniment or salad dressing. Get it from Ocado for £3.99
  • More and more people are cutting down on their milk intake as an easy way to slash calories and there are loads of good milk replacements out there – Califia Farms are throwing their hat into the ring with their new vanilla unsweetened almond milk, which is free from dairy, gluten and added sugar. Perfect for an indulgent coffee (unless you have a nut allergy. Obviously). Get it from Ocado for £2.29.



Over to you – what would you like to see more of in our weekly news round-ups? More forum stories? More new products? Want some fascinating trivia, sure you do…Let us know what you want and as is tradition we’ll steal all the best ideas and pass them off as our own!



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