MAN v FAT Newsround 23/3/2018: We’re all screaming for ice cream

Just like the snow which returned this week, we are back again to give you your weekly dose of all things you need to know (with a touch of things you probably don’t). We’ll be telling you how you can enjoy the delights of ice cream without feeling guilty after every spoonful, how to recover from the disappointment of not losing weight and wondering just how far you’d go to ensure success when running…


A few weeks ago, we announced that we would be giving you – MAN v FAT Football players – the opportunity to play in two different leagues, for a fraction of the price. In case you missed it, it just basically means that you are now able to enjoy double the MAN v FAT Football fun while keeping a bit of extra cash. Now, how good does that sound? Ask your coach for more details or send an email to


A Calorie Burning, Love Making First Date: Here at MAN v FAT, we’ve seen all sorts of exercise fads (naked weight-loss groups being the most peculiar) and the latest wacky craze we’ve seen is first dates while losing weight – and it has got to be up there with the craziest. Singletons in London will be able to burn up to seven hundred calories while moving through a training circuit along with up to twelve others looking for love. Whatever will be next?

How Far Would You be Willing to Go? Deer penis wine, caterpillar fungus and pickle juice are definitely not the types of foods and drinks you would associate with giving you that extra bit of energy when on a run, but they are examples of the types of things British runners would be willing to consume just to boost their run and to make them go that little bit further.

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There really aren’t many more delicious things in life than ice cream; it’s a true delight in the world of food. But for those looking to shed the pounds, it is a big, big no.  In your average 100g serving of vanilla ice cream, you will find a whopping 11g of fat, and an even more staggering is the number of calories:  a toe-curling 207 for the same amount. And if you’ve ever tried measuring out 100g of ice cream you’ll know that it’s a measly amount.

Step forward Breyers and their brand new range of ice cream for the health conscious. Weighing in at an incredible three-hundred calories for a pint sized (500g) tub of ice cream, they offer the perfect escape for those with an eye on their waistline. Available in all your favourite flavours: cookies & cream, mint choc-chip, creamy chocolate and of course,  traditional smooth vanilla, they really will have everybody screaming for ice cream. Available at Tesco.




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For me the great thing about a low carb diet is that the high fat content helps reduce the cravings. It has proven for me to be a real aid to eventually achieving a more sustainable and varied CICO life style.” – @JLHS commenting on how to stop those pesky cravings.

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