MAN v FAT Newsround 13/10/2017

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Welcome to our weekly news roundup, where we’ll celebrate your progress, bring you news from the MAN v FAT football leagues plus keep you up to date with all the latest goings-on in the world of weight loss, fitness and food. 


  • You may have seen elsewhere (we’re not shy about shouting about this over on social media), but MAN v FAT Football hit a big milestone this week, a combined total of fifty, yes FIFTY tons lost. It’s an amazing achievement which puts into perspective the hard work from all of the staff and players – but we won’t stop there.
  • It is awe-inspiring to hear the plethora of stories from MAN v FAT Football members, about how they have transformed their lives with the help of MAN v FAT; men who once felt like they would never be able to take control of their weight and do anything about it, who are now happy and content with their body image and self-esteem. Each and every one of you who has contributed to this grand total of 50 combined tons should be immensely proud of your achievement – it goes to show what a little effort, sweat and determination can lead to.
  • Of course, none of this could happen if it wasn’t for the amazing MAN v FAT Football coaches from up and down the country putting in the long hours to make all this happen – if you think about it, they actually are a life-changing group of people. Whether it be a bitterly cold Sunday morning in Shoreditch, or a dripping wet winter’s night in Stoke (cliché definitely intended), the MAN v FAT Football coaches are what make the wheels of this programme go round, so a big virtual round of applause for them.

We’ve got a big couple of years coming up for the MAN v FAT project. Continuing to provide an alternative weight-loss programme to as many people as possible from all corners of the globe is top of our list, but with the introduction of our very own MAN v FAT football kits and lots of new innovative online improvements, there are exciting times ahead for everyone involved with MAN v FAT.


  • It seems the latest stage of human evolution has seen us all starting to stare at a screen for basically every task we do in our everyday lives; whether it’s replying to emails sat at a desk, or religiously glueing our eyes to our smartphones whilst commuting. Whatever the reason, it turns out this change in lifestyle is extremely bad for our neck muscles. Introducing FitNeck, a new innovative device which is able to strengthen our neck stabilising muscles and even improve our posture – something which is heavily neglected in our day to day lives.
  • The team behind this new invention, a team of scientists in San Francisco, claim that just 1-2 minutes a day using FitNeck can “return your body to its proper alignment”. It can even “improve poor digestion” caused through pinched nerves in the neck.  This certainly sounds like a whack idea, but it could improve the wellbeing of numerous people struggling with back problems. Take a closer look here.


  • As it is Stoptober and many of you will be attempting a meat-free diet for the next month, these scrumptious vegetarian falafel bites are perfect for keeping your taste buds entertained. They’re ideal for a quick snack on the go, or a delicious evening meal which is sure to leave you sitting there going “I could’ve eaten that all over again”.
  • The possibilities with falafels are endless; whether you decide on having them as some little nibbles to accompany a meal, or you mix a combination of your favourite chopped up salads, with a humus filled pitta bread or wrap dripping in tahini sauce, you definitely cannot go wrong. And depending on how exotic you’re feeling, you could bake some potato chip squares to add in for a more substantial and carbohydrate induced bite to eat. Nutritionally falafels are great too; stacking in at a respectable 3.6 grams of fibre and protein per four falafel bits, they really make their name with the whopping 21 grams of carbohydrates – you’ll definitely feel the freshest and most energised on the pitch with all those carbs. You can find these delicious middle-eastern delights at Ocado for £2.25/ 180g.



Over to you – what would you like to see more of in our weekly news round-ups? More forum stories? More new products? Want some fascinating trivia, sure you do…Let us know what you want and as is tradition we’ll steal all the best ideas and pass them off as our own!



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