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Pre-season email #1 – Welcome to MAN v FAT Football Pre-Season Training

Pre-season email #2 – So how exactly do you get started with losing weight? | There are no magic pills, so how exactly do you start losing weight?!

Pre-season email #3 – How does MAN v FAT Football work? | An explanation of what happens in a season, at your first session, and how you weigh in.

Pre-season email #4 – Easy ways of starting to move more | MAN v FAT Football is for everyone, regardless of fitness level. But if you want to start getting active, we suggest some easy ways of starting to move more.

Pre-season email #5 – But what if I’m the biggest bloke there?! | Lots of men are worried about joining their first MAN v FAT Football league, so in this email we address the worries we commonly hear from new joiners.

Pre-season email #6 – What happens from here? | An explanation of what happens now

Pre-season email #7 – You + your team = victory! | You don’t need to know the rules inside out before you even start, but if you want to take a look at them check out this email.

Pre-season email #8 – What you’ll need for your first session | Fix up, look sharp. Find out what clothes to wear and what else you’ll need.

Pre-season email #9 – Get inspired with MAN v FAT Football case studies | We’ve got hundreds of inspiring case studies from men who have lost weight. Read them here!

Pre-season email #10 – Don’t forget about these important points! | A reminder of all the important details you’ll need ahead of your first session