Joining your MAN v FAT club is a big deal – so congratulations on taking that first step!

We want to make sure you enjoy your time with us, so below is some helpful content to get yourself prepared for what lies ahead in your time with us.

Part One: Welcome to MAN v FAT Football Pre-Season Training

Part Two: So how exactly do you get started with losing weight? | There are no magic pills, so how exactly do you start losing weight?!

Part Three: How does MAN v FAT Football work? | An explanation of what happens in a season, at your first session, and how you weigh in.

Part Four: Easy ways of starting to move more | MAN v FAT Football is for everyone, regardless of fitness level. But if you want to start getting active, we suggest some easy ways of starting to move more.

Part Five: But what if I’m the biggest bloke there?! | Lots of men are worried about joining their first MAN v FAT Football league, so in this email we address the worries we commonly hear from new joiners.

Part Six: What happens from here? | An explanation of what happens now

Part Seven: You + your team = victory! | You don’t need to know the rules inside out before you even start, but if you want to take a look at them check out this email.

Part Eight: What you’ll need for your first session | Fix up, look sharp. Find out what clothes to wear and what else you’ll need.

Part Nine: Get inspired with MAN v FAT Football case studies | We’ve got hundreds of inspiring case studies from men who have lost weight. Read them here!

Part Ten: Don’t forget about these important points! | A reminder of all the important details you’ll need ahead of your first session.