Low calorie satisfying breakfasts: 7 of the best

Ah, breakfast – never has a meal divided the weight loss community more. Is it really the most important meal of the day? Some people swear by their morning bowl of porridge and the act of breaking your night-long fast, whereas some people think it’s unnecessary and will gladly skip it. True, it doesn’t kickstart the metabolism (as you might have been told) and the very act of eating breakfast doesn’t automatically make you healthier, but if you’re a breakfast kind of person and you find yourself hungry upon waking then there’s nothing wrong with having breakfast.

But breakfast can get pretty calorific and leave you hungry by 10am if you’re not careful. Cereal, toast, croissants – they’re all delicious, but they’re not going to satisfy you for long. Here are 7 of our favourite breakfasts that will keep you going until lunch and won’t break the calorie bank.

Low calorie satisfying breakfasts: 7 of the best

Low calorie satisfying breakfasts

Creamy banana porridge with raspberries – 214 calories

You can’t beat a warming bowl of porridge for breakfast IMO. This recipe gets its creaminess from the addition of mashed banana, which also serves to bulk it up a bit. Get the recipe here.

Low calorie satisfying breakfasts

Carrot cake porridge – 328 calories

If you think porridge is boring, do something a bit different with your oats and make them into carrot cake porridge. At under 400 calories, this is a great way of having something a little more indulgent for breakfast without splurging. Get the recipe here.

Low calorie satisfying breakfasts

English breakfast frittata – 567 calories

A brilliant protein-packed option for breakfast on the go, this frittata recipe is a versatile one to have on hand for any veg that needs using up. Try switching out the sausage for bacon. Get the recipe here.

Low calorie satisfying breakfasts

Sweet potato hash – 290 calories

This is one of my all-time favourite breakfast recipes and it’s something I make when I’ve got a little more time, usually at the weekend. It’s paleo-friendly and looks a lot more difficult than it actually is – if you’ve got a food processor, put it to good use here and it’ll do all the work. Get the recipe here.

Low calorie satisfying breakfasts

Southwest tofu scramble – 252 calories

If you’re vegan or just don’t fancy eggs, try giving scrambled tofu a go. Tofu is high in protein and it’s a perfect blank canvas, taking on whatever flavour you throw at it. This Southwest-inspired recipe is full of flavour and makes for a veg-packed breakfast. Get the recipe here.

Low calorie satisfying breakfasts

Simple banana oat pancakes – 85 calories per serving

If you think breakfast is only worth having if it’s something sweet, I hear you. Pancakes, croissants, muffins – drool. These pancakes are a fraction of the calories of regular pancakes but are light, fluffy and damn delicious anyway. Get the recipe here.

Low calorie satisfying breakfasts

The healthier fry up

Fancy a fry up? There’s no need for a full English to be off-limits when you’re losing weight, but it’s worth keeping in mind how you can make it a little healthier. In short, skip the fried bread, load up on grilled veggies such as mushrooms and tomatoes and cut down on cooking oil. Get more guidance on how to make your fry up healthier here.

What are your favourite satisfying breakfasts that fit into your calorie goals? Let us know over on the forum!

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From the forum

  1. Full English all the way!

    you can make very very decent Full English using the oven, fry light spray rather than oil, using beef/turkey sausages, poaching the eggs, and completely avoiding using bread and fat… I can feel very satisfied sub-400 calories.

  2. Some great ideas here. Definitely going to be giving the sweet potato hash a go on Saturday, and definitely the pancakes. Getting a bit bored of my protein porridge so would love to shake it up with some of these, thanks for sharing!

  3. emma1 says:

    I genuinely really love the sweet potato hash - there’s a lot of herbs & spices involved but it’s the kind of thing you buy once and then you’ve got in to use for other dishes. IIRC the recipe uses a specific American ‘blend’ but I just Googled what’s in that and bought them separately

  4. Brilliant, will let you know how I get on haha :grinning:

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