Levelling Up: Mental Health First Aid

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Providing mental health support is a key part of the MAN v FAT membership and we know that there are significant wellbeing improvements from being a part of the community.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches get the chance to undertake Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training and we caught up with James Bretherton, Assistant Coach in our Liverpool club, to find out more.

Tell us the reason you signed up to the MHFA course?
I really wanted to this course to assist with the extra support MAN v FAT can give to its players. After suffering from poor mental health in the past, i know how vital something like MAN v FAT can be both physically and mentally.

By doing the MHFA course is have been able to better understand not just my own mental health but also the people around me.

How did the course go?
The course was fantastic. It was great to meet other people from other clubs and discuss common issues that we might find within our own setting.

What sections of the course do you think were particularly relevant to your MAN v FAT Football club?
I really enjoyed discussing tactics on how best to talk to the lads on a weigh in night. It really helped to show new ways in which we can talk to each other and work as a team to help promote positive mental health.

Do you feel more confident when supporting people with poor mental health?
100% yes. The course also provided helpful handbooks which is something we can use in order to recognise and discuss poor mental health. By enabling my confidence I now feel that the lads feel confident enough that they can come and talk to me. 

Do you have any future plans to explore more MHFA courses?
I would love to complete the 2-day MHFA course to really develop my skills and knowledge in the area of mental health. i feel that this will massively boost the feel-good factor MAN v FAT prides its self on.


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