Kitten breath #MVFNewsround 3/7/20

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We’ve been rather scatty with the Newsrounds recently. Most of the MAN v FAT central team were furloughed in June, so if you noticed that we’d been a bit quiet, that’s why. But as life regains a semblance of normality, we’re back to take a look at the latest weight loss news, new food launches and other such nonsense…


Sadly we still don’t have a date for the relaunch of MAN v FAT Football leagues. We’re following government guidelines and the FA’s guidance for small-sided football as well as following what our venues are doing, so, for the time being, we have nothing to announce. Sorry ’bout that. Rest assured that when we do have a date, we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops.


Did you know that bad breath could be a sign of diabetes? You’re probably aware of all the usual symptoms of diabetes – needing to pee more often, feeling very thirsty, blurred vision, etc. (and if these are news to you, you should probably get clued up here) but your breath could be an indicator of undiagnosed diabetes too.

An acetone-like smell on your breath could mean a complication called ketoacidosis, which could mean that your glucose levels are too high. So if you struggle with bad breath, see a doctor, as if left untreated this could lead to your teeth falling out. Yikes.

How has lockdown changed your activity levels? There are people who have coped by getting outside and getting active, and then there are those (like me) who have coped by hunkering down and eating their body weight in Dairy Milk.

It turns out that most Brits fall into the first category, with research by Decathalon finding that 42% of adults are exercising more than they were before lockdown. And although gyms are likely to remain closed for the foreseeable future, 52% of people are keen to keep up with their new fitness routines when lockdown is over. If this is you, good for you! You go Glen Coco.


It’s an oldie but a goodie – Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. This is for you if you’re interested in the history and psychology of American fast food. And if you want to be put off your Big Mac.

If you’ve been sort-of flirting with cutting your meat consumption, but you’re not a fan of meat substitutes, don’t forget about other, more traditional options. Along with tofu, one of the most versatile alternatives is tempeh – and here’s a complete guide to what it is, how to cook it, and its nutritional value.

Do you often find yourself wondering why the stupidest people seem to have the most confidence? With the rise of 5G conspiracy theories, anti-vaxxers and, well, Trump in general, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re going mad. But you’re not, it’s just the Dunning-Kruger effect in action. Read more about this fascinating theory here.


We love a Ginsters, and the pasty-slice kings are launching a new range of Spanish-style empanadas. They’ll be available in 2 flavours, BBQ pulled pork and chicken tikka, and each one is 99 cals, so perfect for a small snack that packs a punch.

There’s something very satisfying about eating a Peperami too, and it’s not just sucking on the weird, tasty meat condom (this is definitely A Thing People Do). You might have seen these little snack boxes that contain bite-sized Peperami and cubes of cheese in supermarkets, but if you haven’t they’re well worth seeking out to keep on hand for a protein boost. They’re 226 cals with 12.7g protein, and you can get them from most supermarkets and MuscleFood.


Alright so it has nothing to do with weight loss, food, fitness OR football, but we still really enjoyed this tweet by @mankyswan. Click through, have a listen and enjoy going ‘oooooh YEAH’ at the ones you didn’t know.


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