Introducing SilverCloud

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Silvercloud Health are a leading digital mental and behavioural health platform that MAN v FAT have recently partnered with to provide mental wellbeing support to all MAN v FAT members.

For the past 10 years, SilverCloud have worked in the NHS and the wider healthcare sector providing bespoke programmes. They have been delivering many digital programmes that provide CBT based treatment to individuals needing support from mental health services.

The support is based around Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and there are a range of modules to work through at the service user’s own pace, covering topics such as stress, sleep and a new programme specifically relating to COVID-19.

Users of the SilverCloud platform found since using the programmes they had greater self-awareness and self-efficacy, enhanced overall wellbeing, improved feelings of connection to others and explored new coping skills that improved moods and behaviours. With added benefits such as mood monitors, goals tool and bookmarking functions, you can have control over managing your emotions.

Other added bonuses of using this self-motivated approach is many barriers such as access to mental health services, stigma and long waiting lists can be overcome in ways that are relevant and suit you. You can even leave feedback to express how certain modules may have helped you!

Having the option to explore a CBT based, flexible self-led approach is a fantastic membership benefit to all MAN v FAT Football players so, whether you’d like some tips on how to manage your money worries, guidance on how to improve your sleep or simply to switch off by listening to the mindfulness programme, SilverCloud is there for whenever you need it.


To sign-up: (Please note that a PIN is required from your MAN v FAT coach)

To see what programmes are available to players:

– To see how it works:

For wellbeing tips if you just want to explore things to start with:


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