Track your progress with our interactive tracking booklet

At MAN v FAT, football is only one element of our programme. What you eat, drink and how much activity you do all have a part to play in your weight loss.

It’s easy to forget what you’ve eaten (which often leads to extra trips to the fridge and extra calories consumed), but studies have shown that people who track what they eat when they’re trying to lose weight can lose up to twice as much weight as those who don’t.

That’s why we encourage MAN v FAT Football members to track what they eat. Use our interactive tracker to note your weekly weigh-ins, what you’ve consumed, and what activity you’ve done. There’s even space to track your goals on a weekly basis so you’ve always got your eyes on the prize.

Check it out below, and download the interactive version by clicking here.

To be able to fill in the interactive version, save it to your phone, tablet or desktop and fill it in digitally.

You can print it off if you’d rather have a physical copy.