Honest Supplement Reviews: Warrior Greens

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Product: Warrior Greens

Best Price: £16.28 (+ £2.90 p&p) from The Health Bay.

What does the PR say: There are a number of claims, including:

  • Increase energy support
  • Support healthy stress regulation
  • Help detoxify and cleanse the body
  • Support healthy sleep
  • Balance body pH levels
  • Promote healthy aging
  • Allow your body to function at an advanced level

Reviewed by: Matthew Spurling.

So – would Warrior Greens help me to lose weight? It’s a straight-forward enough question. Let’s start with the product itself.

To make up the drink you mix 5g of powder to 150ml of water. If you want a more intense flavour you simply use less water. I used 250ml of water which just filled a half pint glass. The powder itself is very fine and will just billow everywhere with the slightest bit of assistance, just don’t sneeze while you’re making a drink! It’s a small point maybe but the scoop can be a pain to find – mine had made its way to the very bottom of the tub and I had to dig for it, so it was therefore covered in powder.

2014-10-13 12.59.39


Just from opening the tub you can certainly smell the orange flavour but when the drink is made it is only a very subtle aftertaste. I would recommend having another drink to follow as the drink made me feel like it had left a layer of the powder over the inside of my mouth. Not a particularly nice sensation.

Did it work?

If anything, since taking this my weight loss seems to have plateaued, which is a big disappointment for me as I was steadily losing around 0.5kg a week before hand and nothing else changed during that time. My sleep has improved but is that down to this? I honestly don’t know. I guess time will tell once it is out of my system and we will see how my sleeping is then.

I couldn’t trace any of the claims that the manufacturer made to any scientific evidence, and I can only assume that they must be based on their own independent evidence. For me, the only thing that had any real difference was the sleep, which did improve. Funnily enough when I stopped the trial of it I went on to lose 1.5kg so if anything I would say that it actually had a negative effect on my weight loss.

Would I buy it again?

From the description that the manufacture gives of themselves and of their products, their products are aimed at ‘elite athletes’ and not just any old perosn. If anything this would probably have put me off buying the product as I am someone looking to try and lose weight; so I feel like I am not good enough to use it. The product itself is not that ‘elite’ as there are other similar supplements out there all with their own marketing and aimed at different areas of the market. Add to that the disappointment of not losing weight and the general grossness of the actual drink itself (which gets marginally better over time) and overall I will not be buying this in the future. It’s a no from me…


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