Healthy noodle recipes: 5 of the best

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It’s time to rush downstairs to see what Father Noodlemas left you under the noodle tree, as it’s only blimmin’ National Noodle Day.

Quite why noodles need their own day of celebration we don’t know, but that’s never stopped us before. Here are 5 of our favourite healthy noodle recipes.

Healthy noodle recipes


Stir-fried garlic and chicken noodles – 480 calories

A stir fry is a must for anyone’s meal plan as it’s probably the quickest meal you can make (much, much quicker than waiting for a takeaway) and you can throw in whatever ingredients you have lying around. Take your noodles, a protein (chicken is a classic), veg and some kind of sauce and Bob’s your uncle. 

This recipe for stir-fried garlic and chicken noodles from Jessica Gavin’s blog is a winner – garlicky, with tender chicken and crunchy veg, but still coming in at a decent calorie count.

Healthier noodle recipes


Coconut curry stir fry noodles – 485 calories

You might not have considered pairing curry with noodles, but if you haven’t, you’re missing out. This coconut curry stir fry from Healthy Nibbles and Bits features beautifully glazed tofu, giving this dish 21g of protein. The next time you reach for the rice, give noodles a go instead. Get this healthy noodle recipe here.



Healthy noodle recipes


Classic chicken ramen – 120 calories

Ramen is such a classic dish in Japan that there’s even a museum dedicated to it. It’s easy to see why it’s so beloved as it brings together ingredients that go together so well, and it’s low in calories too. This recipe from The Flavor Bender is easy to make at home, and is brimming with flavour.



Healthy noodle recipes


Yasai yaki udon – 391 calories

Wagamama is the place to go if you’re a noodle fan, and recipe box service Gousto has recreated Wagamama’s yasai yaki udon dish for you to have a go at making at home. Udon noodles are the ones that are really thick, making for a satisfying slurp. You should be able to find them in supermarkets.

Get the recipe here.


Healthy noodle recipes


Prawn Pad Thai – 825 calories

Pad thai is a stir fry made with flat rice noodles, a sweet and sour sauce and sprinkled with peanuts. If you’re bored of regular old stir-fries, you can’t go wrong with a pad Thai, and wok experts School of Wok show you how to make a prawn pad Thai in their recipe here. It’s a little higher in calories than the other recipes on this list, but it’s definitely worth it.

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