Go Red For The BHF!

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We’re teaming up with the British Heart Foundation to Go Red and raise money for lifesaving research!

In the UK, someone dies from a heart or circulatory condition every three minutes.

Whether it’s losing a loved one to sudden cardiac arrest or coping with the devastating impact of heart failure, far too many of us have felt the pain that heart conditions cause. But, with the help of the MAN v FAT community, we can give more hearts a fighting chance.

This Heart Month, Go Red and raise money for lifesaving research. It could be wearing red at work, organising a red-themed quiz night or taking on a sponsored challenge with your MAN v FAT club mates. Whatever it takes to power research that could help protect the hearts of people you love.

There are 34 MAN v FAT teams nationally with the word RED in their name!

Our top five are: Red Red Dine (Gosport), Red Meat and Two Veg (Telford), Red Fed Redemption (Wigan), Red Lasso (Sheffield) and Red Hot Chubby Fellas (a team name at both Bristol North and Cheltenham!)

You can also get involved this Heart Month by learning CPR at home with BHF’s online tool, RevivR. All you need is a mobile phone or tablet and a cushion to practice on. It only takes 15 minutes to learn and it could be a decision that saves a life!

Go to bhf.org.uk/HeartMonth to find out more.

If your MAN v FAT club is raising money for Red Month or any other activity for the British Heart Foundation, you can donate your funds here!


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