Freeze it: The MAN v FAT Newsround 5th October

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We’re talking freezer foods, lots of freezer foods. Also, time-wasting and getting serious about mental health with the help of that bloke who cuts our hair every so often.

The MAN v FAT Newsround October 5th

From the MAN v FAT Football leagues

  • Hey, MAN v FAT isn’t just about weight loss y’know, we’re all about providing men with better futures. Congratulations to a couple of our MVF footballers. Firstly, Paul Rainbow from the Oldbury league for scoring himself a new job (ahem, see what we did there?), thanks to a stellar recommendation from a fellow player and a massive well done to Andrew Field of the West Brom league. Andrew has gone from struggling to work due to his weight to a 50kg loss and his dream job.

  • Psst! We’re also up for an award. We’re up for the Healthier Lifestyles award at the The Royal Society for Public Health’s Health and Wellbeing awards, to be more precise. The award recognises initiatives that pride themselves on empowering both individuals and communities to improve their health. The award ceremony will be held on October 18th, we’ve got our fingers and toes crossed.

In other news…

  • Aye aye, Captain! Research conducted by Birds Eye found that one-fifth of those surveyed wrongly thought that frozen foods were not as healthy for you as fresh – believing that frozen food products lacked essential nutrients. 10% of participants believed that frozen food was more expensive than fresh. In terms of shelf life, 1 in 12 thought frozen food could not be kept as long as fresh with 40% of participants under the impression that frozen foods are filled with preservatives to prolong their life. But they’re not, and frozen vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh. Some clever home cooks are opting for frozen foods over fresh for better storage, nutritional value and the ability to have seasonal produce all year round. Which do you prefer, fresh or frozen?
  • A survey from One Poll has helped us in the office realise just how indecisive us Brits can be. Turns out we spend on average five years deciding where to go out to eat. That five years is based on the average 25 minutes it takes a group of 4 to decide where to dine. (If the average Brit is anything like me and my other half, I’m inclined to believe it’d be double that)
    For the ones who aren’t so indecisive, they tend to play it safe and go to a restaurant or outlet that they are already familiar with. 
    What are your favourite restaurants? Do you like to try something new or stick to what you know? Tell us on the forum.

What we’re talking about

  • Okay, so we’re a little late but who’s going Sober for October? If you are, and you’re looking for sponsorship, if you need some moral support or you wanna see how the other lads are getting on, join us on the forum here.
  • Shoutout to @Notorious-P.I.G for losing 7 stone in 9 months. P.I.G? More like MVP. Keep up the good work.
  • @Doctor_Bong has scooped a good read for us all, addressing the emotional factors in weight loss or the ‘stuff we don’t talk about’. Let him know what you think here.

What we’re watching

  • If you haven’t already, take half an hour out and watch the latest MVF webinar. Founder of the Lions Barber Collective, Tom Chapman. Lions Barber Collective are a worldwide organisation dedicated in training barbers to spot the signs of declining mental health and offer support. You’d be surprised what some people discuss with their hairdresser, and with suicide being the biggest cause of death to young men, this is something we hope you can get behind.

What we’re eating

There is one dessert that I cannot resist. No amount of willpower cannot help me turn away a Vienetta. Turns out I can now safely squeeze one into my calorie allowance, just as long as it’s a Vienetta knock-off and it’s served on a stick.

Asda is absolutely treating us with their new ‘retro rippled ice cream lollies’. They’re 124 kcals and so long as I can resist the whole box, this may well be the dessert of my dreams.

Quote of the week

“Success is a series of small wins” – Unknown.

It’s all about changing little things which will add up to a big win. We’re in it for the long term after all.



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