Five Great Songs About Being A Fat Man

We love music here at MAN v FAT and given that we’re all about supporting men who want to lose weight and get healthier, it’s inevitable that sometimes our playlists veer in that direction too. Fortunately, there have been several great songs that are either about the feeling of being a bigger bloke, or deal directly with the experience.

We’ve picked five great songs about being a fat man, share any that we might have forgotten over on Twitter or Facebook.

Fats Domino: The Fat Man’s Hop

Fats was a big guy, with his 5′ 5″ frame carrying 200 pounds at his heaviest. When he wasn’t finding his freedom on Blueberry Hill, Fats was busy being an accomplished piano player and singer. The fact that he’s sold 65 million records show that his popularity endures.

John Moreland: You Don’t Care For Me Enough to Cry

If you’ve ever spent any time with the Sons of Anarchy, then you might have heard Moreland before. The Oklahoma troubadour documents songs of loss and sadness and this song is peak Moreland. Although it’s not overtly about being a bigger guy, there’s something that hits hard about the line “I’m the kind of love it hurts to look at” that makes us feel like weight wasn’t far from Moreland’s mind.

The Boo Radleys: Wish I Was Skinny

Despite their breakthrough track “Wake Up Boo” bringing them to everyone’s attention, the Wirral outfit are still criminally under-appreciated. Not in the MVF office though where Wish I Was Skinny is an ever-present. The song’s list of desires sounds all too familiar – global fame, pretty women, but that one line about wishing to be skinny cuts through – a pop masterpiece cri de couer.

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Jethro Tull: Fat Man

No matter how many times you hear it, it’s always surprising to learn that Jethro Tull were from Blackpool. This track lays out Anderson’s feelings about what it might be like to be a fat man. It might not be the deepest lyrically, we particularly take issue with the idea that you won’t find a woman if you’re a fat man, but we’ll forgive it because it’s a stone cold jam and sometimes that’s enough.

Rudimental: Not Giving In

Although the lyrics deal with resilience rather than the experience of dieting specifically, it’s still a great song to have playing in your mind when you’re starting to make healthy choices. All you have to remember is that not giving in, eventually leads to being stronger. You can do it.

What’s your favourite?

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