Five Best IFTTT Recipes for Weight Loss

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If you don’t know how IFTTT works then let us explain it to you – oh wait, we just did! IFTTT (If That, Then This) is a website that allows you to link applications and have them communicate with each other when triggered by a predetermined action.


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For example, if you’re the forgetful type, you could link your phone’s wireless setting to its GPS, so that if you leave the house, then your wifi automatically switches off, saving you the hassle of running your battery down and quitting those irritating public wifi zones.

This combination of applications is known as a recipe and you can create your own, but we’ve got five of our favourites that could help you with your weight loss.

  1. Track Foursquare check-ins (w/ Maps) in a Google Drive Spreadsheet.

Everybody loves a spreadsheet and what better way to get a clear overview of your work/home/gym balance? If you check in to the gym, or the pub, or Pizza Express, then a log of your movements will automatically be created on a spreadsheet so you can posthumously review your journey and look for weak points in your routine.

  1. Record your Body Scale measurements as Google Calendar events.

A weight loss diary is an indispensable asset for both motivation and celebration and thanks to this handy recipe, you won’t even need to log the results yourself.

  1. Share on Facebook when you sleep over ___ hours.

Hopefully you’re aware of how crucial healthy sleep is to your weight loss efforts. To be honest, this recipe from fitbit probably won’t help you sleep better, but it’s amusing as a satire of facebook status updates if nothing else – particularly when compare to their twitter recipe, Warn friends on Twitter if you haven’t slept well.

  1. iOS notification whenever a specific user posts on Instagram.

Instagram can be a great source of inspiration, be it images of peers displaying attainable physiques as a welcome antidote to the Calvin Klein models prancing about on the cover of Men’s Health, or just images of healthy food porn. Of course a lot of Instagram is just fluff, so use this recipe to give you the heads-up when one of your favourites posts a picture of their tea.

  1. Post on Facebook when you drop below your weight goal.

We can all be shy about celebrating our successes and sharing news about our weight loss with friends, but this recipe will do the job for you when you hit a preset goal at weigh-in time.


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