We’ve got two versions of the MAN v FAT Football Rules – the Nitty Gritty, which covers the essentials you need to know as a player, and the full rules, which covers the essentials plus everything else (including stuff like what the distance between goal posts should be).

You can find the rules here.

You should wear a shirt in your team’s colour (you’ll find out your team’s colour once you’ve been assigned to a team) that you feel comfortable in. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, basic gear from your local sports shop is absolutely fine. 

You must wear appropriate footwear with trainers or studs. This will vary by location, so ask your coach, in your club’s WhatsApp group or your venue to find out the best footwear for the surface. 

You must wear shin pads and remove all jewellery before games, or you won’t be allowed to play. 

If you’re attending an induction session for a brand-new club launch, you can wear casual clothes.

You don’t have to wear MAN v FAT branded kit at any point, but you can check out our sportswear shop in partnership with Hope + Glory here.  

Our very own MAN v FAT Football branded kit is made by Hope + Glory, and you can find our shop here. We’ve got training tops, hoodies and jackets as well as an option to design your own kit.

No, you don’t have to buy MAN v FAT Football kit to play at a MAN v FAT Football session. Basic kit from your local bargain sportswear shop in your team’s colours is fine as long as you’re comfortable in it!

We do sell our own branded kit and training gear made by Hope + Glory, which you can buy here, but it’s completely optional.

If you can’t attend a game, let your coach and team captain know as soon as you can so they can balance the team accordingly. 

If you’re well enough, you can still attend the weekly weigh-in without playing so you can keep track of your weight and contribute to your team’s score – remember it’s about goals on and off the pitch.

This varies by club location but is mostly 3G/4G pitches. We use both indoor and outdoor pitches. You’ll be told in advance what’s at your specific MAN v FAT Football club location.

Each MAN v FAT Football game lasts 28 minutes. This is because we know how difficult it can be to be active for long periods of time when you’re not used to exercising. Most people who join MAN v FAT Football fall into this category, and we’re keen that everyone can enjoy MAN v FAT Football from their first session, no matter their fitness level.

Of course, as your fitness improves, you’ll probably start feeling like you can manage more. If that sounds like where you’re at, check out MAN v FAT Football XIs.

Games played at your club sessions are set at 28 minutes to give everyone an opportunity to join in, even if they’re a total beginner. 

If you’ve been playing for a while and feel comfortable with the idea of playing football for longer, you might want to consider joining a MAN v FAT Football XI team if there’s one in your local area. Check out What is MAN v FAT Football XIs for more information on what this is and how you can join.

Most questions can be answered by our dedicated Player Support Team, so don’t hesitate to send them an email ( or give them a call if you have any questions about your membership or payments.

There will be times when a club is full, but you can still register for that club to be put on a waiting list. When a player achieves his weight loss goals and decides to move on, opening a space up on a team, we’ll contact players on the waiting list in order of registration.

If you choose to leave MAN v FAT Football, or your membership lapses, we may immediately offer your place to a new starter to ensure teams continue to have an equal number of players. 

If you then decide to come back, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to re-join the team you were in previously. If you’d prefer to re-join your old team, contact us and let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your wish.