MAN v FAT Football XIs (also known as MAN v FAT Football 11s or Elevens) is 11-a-side football for MAN v FAT Football members. Participation in MAN v FAT Football XIs is completely optional, but it’s perfect for players who are comfortable on the pitch and want more football time.

MAN v FAT Football XIs teams play longer matches in addition to their usual MAN v FAT Football sessions.

MAN v FAT Football XIs is exclusively for MAN v FAT Football members and is not open to anyone who is not a MAN v FAT Football member. This allows us to run safe, supportive and fun competitions. To be eligible for MAN v FAT Football XIs, you must be a current MAN v FAT Football member and you must attend at least 1 in 3 sessions at your MAN v FAT Football club.

Head to our dedicated MAN v FAT XIs homepage here to register. You’ll need to provide a few details and pay an £11.50 registration fee. 

You can register throughout the season, but teams must have a minimum of 20 players registered before the season starts to take part. 

If you’re joining a team that has never taken part in XIs, a team manager will need to be appointed. The team manager will then be the central point of contact for XIs.

Once players have registered, the team’s manager will be notified of all players that have registered. The team manager will then register the team with MAN v FAT’s XIs system.

Playing as part of MAN v FAT Football XIs is a little more complex than playing regular MAN v FAT Football. As well as ensuring all players register through the MAN v FAT site (see here), teams must be registered with the FA through their Whole Game System. You can find more information about how to do this on the FA’s website here.

Teams must first be registered with their local county FA. You can find a list of county FAs on the FA’s website here.

Affiliation usually opens in June or July, but this can vary by location. 

If you require any help with this, please email 

After you’ve signed up with the FA, teams can register with MAN v FAT Football from June.

Players must pay an £11.50 annual registration fee to take part in MAN v FAT Football XIs. Registration lasts for one season (August-May inclusive).

If you’re not selected as a squad member during the season, you can request a refund of your registration fee. This must be requested by 31st May as all season data is reset after this date, so we’re unable to issue a refund after this date.