Welcome aboard!

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an email to confirm your membership is good to go. Can’t see the email? Check your email’s spam or promotions folders.

You’ll get the chance to join your new club’s WhatsApp group so you can start chatting with your new clubmates, and you can make use of our online resources straight away (check your welcome email for more details). 

You’ll be assigned to a team ASAP. How long this takes depends on availability within your club, but your coach will be able to keep you updated.

Your MAN v FAT Football club sessions

Your weekly MAN v FAT Football sessions make MAN v FAT Football an incredibly effective way to lose weight. On club nights, you’ll weigh in privately on our medical-grade scales and get a chance to chat to your coach about how your week’s gone. Good, bad, or just plain ugly – it’s always a safe space to get support. 

After the weigh-in, it’s time to get on the pitch. Your membership includes use of the venue, pitch, balls and our referees.

When it’s time to celebrate your weight loss success, we use professionally made certificates, medals, and trophies.

Your weekly progress email

After every session, you’ll get a detailed post-match email that breaks down how you’re doing each week.

The Dugout

The Dugout is our exclusive members-only portal, packed with exclusive recipes and articles to support your weight loss.


The MAN v FAT Gym brings on-demand online fitness classes to you, wherever you are. Log on from the comfort of your own home and enjoy a wide variety of classes, including HIIT (high-intensity interval training), Pilates, football drills and more. There’s something suitable for all levels of fitness, and all our classes are led by qualified fitness professionals, so you know you’ll get a good workout in.

MAN v FAT Foundations

MAN v FAT Foundations is our mental health and wellbeing platform run in partnership with mental health experts Koa Health. Find personalised support and guidance for whatever’s troubling you, whether that’s anxiety, depression, anger issues, stress or something else, and work through it using Foundations’ CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) based approach. 

All players weigh in at the start of each session. If it’s your first time, this weigh-in will be your starting point. You’ve got to weigh in to be able to play – no weigh, no play! Don’t worry about stepping on the scales, only you and your coach will be able to see the number.

You’ll be able to chat to your coach about how your week’s gone and get any support you need to make the next week a good one.

After you’ve weighed in, it’s time to lace up your boots and get on the pitch. Your team will play against another team from your club, with the game lasting 28 minutes. Team performance on the scales gets added to the pitch results for the final score.

As long as you record your weight prior to the start of your team’s weekly fixture, weight loss of any amount can count towards your team’s overall score.

To qualify for scoring, your current weight must be both lower than the previous week and lower than your weight at the start of the current season.

A qualifying loss of any amount will net your team half a bonus point, which will round up to the nearest whole point when all the bonuses for your team are added together, up to a maximum of 5 bonus points for your team overall. We call this a team bonus.

If you accrue 3 non-consecutive team bonuses in a season, you’ll receive an additional full bonus point towards your team’s overall score. We call this a hat trick bonus.

If your weight matches or beats one of your precalculated incremental 5% weight loss milestone targets, you’ll receive a one-time 3-point bonus for your team in addition to any other team or hat trick bonuses you may have been awarded on the same week. We call this a milestone bonus.

If your weight matches or beats your pre-calculated target for a healthy BMI of 25 (based on a healthy weight for your height) you’ll receive a one-time 3-point bonus. We call this a maintenance bonus.

This means an individual player can score between 0.5 and 4.5 bonus goals via weight loss for their team on any given week.

Points will not be awarded to players whose current weight exceeds their weight at the start of the current season.

Once players drop below their healthy BMI target weight, they graduate to our maintenance scoring system. These players can no longer earn any 3-point bonuses as they no longer have any milestones to reach, so to compensate for this, players in maintenance receive a full 1-point team bonus rather than the 0.5 team bonus players normally receive.

If you are a player in maintenance, you’ll receive a 1-point team bonus each week when you log any weight that is under your BMI 25 target, whether it’s a loss or a gain against the previous week, or your weight at the start of the season.

Players on maintenance can still acquire hat trick bonuses in the same manner as before, i.e. by scoring 3 non-consecutive team bonuses in the same season.

We have over 150 clubs across the UK, with new clubs launching all the time.

Yes! We put all new members into teams, so you don’t need to worry about getting a team together before you join. 

We know it can be daunting to start something new on your own, but you’ll always get a warm welcome from your club’s coach and your fellow players.

No, you can join a club at any point. It doesn’t matter if you join part-way through a season, as clubs automatically roll on, so you’ll be part of the next season too. 

You can attend your first MAN v FAT Football session after you’ve been assigned to a team. If you want to take a look and meet your new clubmates before getting started, just drop our Player Support Team a line on

If you’re unlucky enough to get injured during your MAN v FAT Football membership and you feel your injury means you can’t play, don’t worry. as soon as you can by emailing or calling 0345 163 0042.

You can continue to attend your MAN v FAT Football club nights to take part as a non-playing member, meaning you’ll continue to weigh in without playing football.

We know how important accountability and routine is to weight loss, so this gives you a way of keeping up your healthy habits while you’re injured. As well as being good for your motivation, your progress on the scales will also continue to contribute to your team’s overall score, so you can still help your team while you’re out of action.

If you’re injured and unable to play, we’d urge you to keep eating well and keep attending your weekly weigh-in. If you choose to cancel your subscription, we may be unable to reserve your spot, as many of our locations have a waiting list for new members.

If you’ve decided MAN v FAT Football isn’t for you, no hard feelings. 

Fill out this form and your membership will be cancelled within 48 hours. Please only do this once you’ve had your last game.

You can see your MAN v FAT Football club’s upcoming fixtures by finding your club’s homepage. 

You can log in to our exclusive, members only portal here. If you’ve not logged in before, follow the link to email yourself an invite to sign up and set a password. Make sure you’re using the email address you signed up to MAN v FAT Football with. Can’t find the details? Drop us a line at and we’ll get you sorted.

MAN v FAT Foundations is our digital mental health and wellbeing platform, which is run in partnership with Koa Health. You can sign up on their website here and you can download the Foundations app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.