Is MAN v FAT Football for me?

MAN v FAT Football is a network of football clubs for men who want to lose weight. Every player is in the same situation and wants the same thing – to lose weight, get healthier and enjoy football.

Each club’s league tables are decided not just on points won, but on pounds lost too. All players weigh in weekly before each game and their weight loss progress counts towards their team’s performance.

As well as the support of their teammates and club coach, all players get access to our online resources, inspiration, and support to help them reach their weight loss goals.

This is something that varies from person to person for many reasons, but in general: 90% of people who join MAN v FAT Football lose weight. 

In an assessed 14-week pilot scheme run by Solihull Council, players lost 22lbs on average, with 62% hitting their 5% body weight target. 

Yes, of course! 

MAN v FAT Football is primarily a weight loss programme, so although football is a big part of what we do, your efforts to lose weight off the pitch are just as important. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never kicked a ball or haven’t played since school, no one is going to judge you for not being a pro.

MAN v FAT Football is for everyone, no matter your fitness level. If you’ve not exercised for years, that’s OK – you can always take things at your own pace. 

If you feel that you’re not able to play for the entire duration of a game, that’s fine! Do what feels comfortable, your team can make use of subs with no problem, and you can work your way up to playing more. Remember, the safest way to return to physical activity is to go at your own pace.

Men primarily join to lose weight and improve their health, but becoming part of the MAN v FAT community is about so much more. We often hear from our members that being part of their club gives them a real boost to their wellbeing, and countless friendships have started at MAN v FAT Football sessions.

There are loads of free BMI calculators on the web, and we’ve got one of our very own here. Simply pop your stats in and it’ll let you know what your BMI is. 

MAN v FAT Football is for men with a BMI of 27.5 and above, which is why we ask for your BMI.

For all its flaws, BMI is a simple, widely accepted and free tool that anyone can do without the need for specialist equipment. For the general population, working out your BMI will give you a rough indication of whether you’re carrying extra weight.

We have lots of members who work shifts and have to miss the odd game.

When you pay for a month of MAN v FAT Football membership, that place is yours even if you miss a game. Obviously, you don’t want to miss too many sessions, but we know that shift work can make it hard to attend week after week. Just let your coach know you’re not going to make it as soon as you know your schedule. You’ll get the most benefit from MAN v FAT Football if you can make at least 10 out of the 14 sessions in a season.

We’ll send you an email when you miss a session to check in and see how you’re doing, and you’ll be able to click a link to let us know you’ll be back next week. If you don’t do this for more than three weeks, we may offer your space to a new starter, so be sure to let us know if you’ll be away for longer than this.

Email the MAN v FAT Football Player Support Team on and they’ll be happy to arrange this where possible.