Exclusive MAN v FAT Discount Code For Nuun Tablets

Oh Nuun Hydration Tablets, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

nuun tubes

1) You make water slightly less boring, meaning that 2 litres of H2O doesn’t become H2Ohno (I know, I know – I should write ads for a living). 

2) A full Nuun tablet in a pint of water before bed when you’ve been out drinking and one in a pint of water in the morning seems to obliterate most hangovers. 

That’s pretty much the extent of it, but for my money (about £6 per tube) that’s quite a lot of bang for your buck. 

Fortunately, your old pal MAN v FAT has got you covered, we’ve got a sweet (not sweet, they’re only 6-8 calories per tablet) and exclusive deal where you can get 20% off simply by entering the magic words: 

MANVFAT2016 at the checkout on the Nuun website

Do it and declare death to hangovers and the drudgery of correct hydration. 

Where else do you want a discount code for? We’ve got 300k men on the site per year and we’re happy to speak to companies to get exclusive discounts for you, our beloved (totally platonic) readers. Let us know on Talk


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