Don’t get red carded – try these healthy eating transfers

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It’s the age-old phrase – everything in moderation. And while that’s true, a little too much of what you fancy can see you having a nightmare on the scales. We’ve worked out some top-notch transfers to protect you from getting red carded at the first hurdle – and no, they’re not all salad.

Fried chicken

We don’t need a doctor to tell us that fried chicken is horrendous for your health – it’s even got ‘fried’ in the name. Regular chicken has loads of health benefits, including helping to fix those muscles after a session. Winner winner…

RED CARD – Ordering a bucket with all the trimmings can set you back thousands of calories – yes, thousands. This could scupper your supper without even grabbing a second helping.

YELLOW CARD – If you’re on the go and still can’t avoid the chicken shop, opt for a fried chicken salad and hold the dressing. Filling and stuffed with vital vitamins. 

TOP CORNER – Calories compared to the Colonel’s are unreal in this oven baked chicken alternative.  Knock up some homemade chips and you’ve got your own badass bucket meal for a fraction of the calories.

Ice cream

Shredding pounds but want to grab a spoon? We’ve got the scoop on ice cream.

  • RED CARD – Cookie Dough or Phish Food? These fat-laden tubs can be up to half a guy’s recommended daily calories. It’s enough to throw you off for your entire day.
  • YELLOW CARD – Halo Top or Breyers offer a high protein alternative at up to 350 calories a tub, plus it comes in salted caramel flavour, which is always a winner.
  • TOP CORNER – We dare you to hold out on eating this recipe from the blender. This chocolate ice cream recipe’s totally guilt free and only takes 3 ingredients.

Beer bender

Socialising and dieting at the same time gets a bad rep, but it’s anything but impossible. You can still have a pint with the lads and stay on plan. Just don’t fall for these weight loss traps.

  • RED CARD – A pint of cider or beer can be anything up to 400 calories and let’s face it, not a lot of people just have the one. Tally that up with the kebab at the end of the night and you could be facing a tough time getting back on the wagon.
  • YELLOW CARD – Vodka and diet mixer is only 100 calories a glass (with a 50ml shot) which gives you the flexibility to have a couple and attempt to dodge the hangover.
  • TOP CORNER – Stay sober. Be the driver. Make up an excuse. You know the drill.


Sorry to drop this bombshell but pizza is one of the highest fat takeaways to grace the planet. All is not lost though…

  • RED CARD – Thick crust smothered in pepperoni, tons of cheddar and various other meats is not the epitome of good health. Coupled with the garlic dough balls, chips and cookies, it’s one that’ll take a long time to burn off.
  • YELLOW CARD – Opt for the Delight pizza (the name differs at different joints). It has a thin Italian base, reduced fat cheese and is layered with tons of veggies and high-protein chicken strips. Now our mouth’s watering.
  • TOP CORNER – Wrap pizzas are one of the latest trends on social media. Easy to knock up and only 371 calories a pop for this version.


We’re a nation of cake lovers – it’s not a secret. Somebody’s birthday or just a weekend with the kids? The answer’s usually cake. Its mixture of butter, sugar, flour and eggs can heavily set you back in your weight loss journey but don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

  • RED CARD – You don’t get a lot of bang for your buck with this sugary snack. A small slice can be up to 800 calories! Those small portions can soon turn into having 3 or 4 slices or you could end up licking the icing off the box. Just us? Ok then.
  • YELLOW CARD – If your determination is in power play mode, then enjoy your slice. Just have the one and make that your treat for the day.
  • TOP CORNER – There are loads of healthy recipes for cake available online. Everything from lighter lemon drizzle to crackin’ coffee and walnut. Here’s 24 to get your bake game on

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