Critter Cake | The MAN v FAT Newsround 1/12/2017

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Welcome to our weekly news roundup, where we’ll celebrate your progress, bring you news from the MAN v FAT football leagues plus keep you up to date with all the latest goings-on in the world of weight loss, fitness and food. 


The teams have been chosen,

Knights in shining armour picked out.

On a quest to St. George’s Park they go,

For one last heavyweight bout.

Thirty-two teams,

Only one shall win.

Will champions stand tall?

Losers take it on the chin?

The excitement is tangible,

Just feel the suspense.

Two weeks to go,

Let the battle commence.


  • Last week saw the return of everybody’s favourite trash television show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, and whilst the notoriety of those ‘celebrities’ involved is questionable, it’s hard to not watch on in anticipation (or disgust depending on how squeamish you are) at them shoving their faces with all sorts of creepy crawlies. While our Australian counterparts may be accustomed to seeing creepy crawlies on their plates, we definitely aren’t over on these shores. 

    So that’s why when Aussie doughnut company Doughnut Time released a limited edition version of their signature product filled with the bugs and insects we’re so used to seeing on the hit ITV show, we were in shock. The doughnut was aptly named ‘The Bushtucker’ – a reference to the infamous bushtucker trials contestants undergo whilst in the jungle – but has since sold out.

    We want to know if you managed to get your hands on one (not that you particularly would’ve wanted to) and if you think this is just a bold but clever marketing ploy from Doughnut Time, or if you think there’s room on the market for sweet treats filled with critters. Let us know over in the forum.


  • One of the biggest problems for those who are trying to lose weight and diet effectively is cutting out serial snacking habits – if it’s while watching the television, or on your dinner break at work, the little bites here and there all add up they’re definitely not good for your health. To make it worse there hasn’t really ever been anything out there to support such bad cravings, until now.
  • Introducing all new Bitesize Grab & Go from healthy snack champions Pure Bite, these pocket-sized treats are ideal all those times you’re looking for something to fill a gap. With a wide range of bites to choose, from Popped Rice Clusters in Blueberry and Cranberry and Strawberry and Gojiberry, to Crunchy Coconut Clusters and Nut Clusters in Hot & Spicy and Almond flavours, there’s plenty to experiment with. Let us know what your favourite is in the comment section below.
  • Nutritionally the Pure Bite Clusters stack up impressively too; for only 83 calories in the Strawberry and Gojiberry packet, you can experience a “perfectly balanced cluster filled with complimentary flavours” – is this the solution all ‘snackers’ on a diet have been hoping for? We definitely think so.
  • Discover your Pure Bite match at £1.59 per packet here:



  • A brilliant guide on how to survive Christmas whilst on a diet, including tips on what to do if you want a drink (or few), from Fox Hollies coach Ben.
  • Chicken Sasuage Calzone. Sound good? It will sound even better when you have a look at this simple recipe from  forum user @ChrisJohnson.
  • Milk often divides opinion, but if you’re like me and love the stuff, it can be seriously damaging to your weight; here’s a nutritionist’s comprehensive breakdown of all the best milk alternatives.



“Even he (the doctor) didn’t think it was possible and much to his delight I did it all naturally without tablets; I think the doctor enjoyed the ride as much as I did…Small goals add up to big goals, I started walking 15mins each day. I have small goals but I’m on holiday in June next year and plan to get in shape for that.” – @TonyC, speaking on the importance of perseverance, determination and small goals – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t reach your goals in one either.

Over to you – what would you like to see more of in our weekly news round-ups? More forum stories? More new products? Want some fascinating trivia, sure you do…Let us know what you want and as is tradition we’ll steal all the best ideas and pass them off as our own!



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