Cookbooks for men losing weight: our pick of the best

Cookbooks for men losing weight

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Finding meals to eat when you’re losing weight that aren’t boring and won’t leave you eyeing up the fridge 20 minutes later can be a hard task. Luckily, there are loads of clever cooks out there who can show us how it’s done, as these great cookbooks for men losing weight prove. Add our pick of the best cookbooks to your bookshelves and eat the foods you love while still losing weight – it’s the dream.

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Pinch of Nom: Quick & Easy

Pinch of Nom’s cookbooks are often praised by MAN v FAT Football members for having easy, quick recipes that taste incredible and are calorie-controlled. PoN started life as a Slimming World recipe blog, and quickly became the most-visited food blog in the UK. They’ve since ditched the Slimming World angle and now just deliver on healthy, tasty food you can make even if you’re a kitchen novice.

What they say: “I started my weight loss journey ‘again’ in Mid September, using the recipes in the Pinch of Nom books I have lost 23lbs. I find the recipes so easy to follow and they aren’t full of confusing chef techno babble. Every single recipe I have made has been delicious, the ingredients are listed clearly and they include tips and substitutions in many cases if you aren’t keen on any particular ingredient.” – AM789, Amazon reviewer.

Cookbooks for men

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Two Chubby Cubs: Fast and Filling

Featuring over 100 recipes, all of which are 500 calories or fewer, this is a great book to have on standby for those times when you’re short on time. It’s got recipes for every occasion, from quick mid-week meals to sweet treats and even budget recipes for pre-payday meals. The ‘Two Chubby Cubs’ themselves, James and Paul, have lost a combined weight of over 18 stone, so they definitely know what they’re talking about.

What they say: “How often do you buy a cookbook…only to not be interested in half the recipes? This book is different. Every single recipe looks and sounds delicious. They use real butter. Real cream. Real pastry. The food tastes sinfully decadent but for a fraction of the calories.” – N Boyle, Amazon reviewer.

Cookbooks for men

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Cookbooks for men

The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food and Lose Weight

This is an oldie but most definitely a goodie. We’ve mentioned this one so many times over the years (it’s 10 years old next year!) but it’s the recipe book we turn to the most, so much so that it is literally falling apart. From Hairy Bikers Si and Dave, this book is packed full of low-calorie recipes that are still exactly what you’d expect from pro chefs – good, good food. Chicken and ham tangle pie, cassoulet, and an incredible ‘chilli bowl‘ which sees you making a bowl out of a tortilla (it’s amazing, trust us) all feature.

There was an accompanying TV show too, which is well worth a watch if you can track it down. (Edit: We’ve been told that it’s now on Amazon Prime!)

What they say: “What a fantastic cookery book, a must for anyone who is wanting to lose weight using the good old fashioned calorie counting. The recipes are healthy, easy to follow and most of all very tasty, you don’t even realise you are dieting!” – Needles and Quinns, Amazon reviewer.

Cookbooks for men

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The Slimming Foodie

The Slimming Foodie also started as a blog before releasing this cookbook, which features over 100 recipes that are all under 600 calories. It promises everyday meals that are healthy, hearty, and delicious – and it definitely delivers. With recipes for breakfast, family favourite dinners, Friday night specials and even simple bakes and desserts, this cookbook’s got you covered for every eventuality.

What they say: “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Slimming Foodie’s recipes. This cookbook showcases what Pip does best: easy-to-make family-friendly meals that are both tasty and good for you. Examples are the mouthwatering garlicky meatball pasta, the delicious cowgirls’ stew and the nutty carrot & orange breakfast cookies. I love the takeaway-at-home section too. Best of all, I find that most of her ingredients are either already in my cupboard or easy to pick up from any shop.” – Queenie, Amazon reviewer.

Cookbooks for men

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Dirty Vegan: Proper Banging Vegan Food

Vegan or not, this book from ex-Dirty Sanchez member Matt Pritchard is definitely worth a look. There are 80 recipes here, and they’re not necessary ‘diet’ recipes but they are a great introduction to vegan food and it’s not much of a stretch to fit them into your daily calorie allowance. Matt is passionate about his vegan diet and how it’s helped him become an endurance athlete, and as well as serving up some of the most tempting vegan food you’ll come across, he also lays out exactly how going vegan can help your performance in all aspects of your life.

What they say: “Brilliant easy to make meals. I’ve tried the jackfruit goulash and everyone loved it, including the meat-eaters. Well filling. Just healthy ingredients that will fill you up. If you’re vegan or not this is a great cookbook.” – Leanne J, Amazon reviewer.

Cookbooks for men

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