Charlie Hill (Lincoln)

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Age: 24
Lost: 27kg (20%)

It’s changed my entire life. I didn’t really have friends round here before and now I’m part of a big community. The support is amazing.

I had aches in my knees and I wasn’t physically capable of doing things. I was around 22st for a year and built up to that weight for a long time. Ever since I left school and stopped doing sports, I’ve been piling it on.

I used to eat a lot of homecooked meals, like curries and stews, so that hasn’t changed. But my portions have got a lot smaller. Now, I’ll just have one meal deal for lunch and a pack of sandwich meat instead of chocolate, for a protein boost. “I still have cheat days. If you try to be perfect every day, you’re destined to fail.

It’s not just the weight loss but the community. Coming to see people and play with or against them. People really get along and talk to each other outside of the game. I’d 100 percent recommend it without hesitation.

People of all shapes, sizes and varying footballing ability can get involved. It’s a team effort and everyone is welcome.


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